Roxy update – 1 month in foster!

In some respects it doesn’t feel like a month that Roxy has been here but in other respects it feels like she has been here forever! She has just fitted in perfectly with my wee family and gets on so well with Tess and Coal. We are all going to really miss her when she finds her forever home, although I’m pretty certain Roxy thinks she has already found it!


We have been working on leaving her at home alone with just Tess and Coal and are now up to an hour and a half without her barking and crying! Well except for the other day when she only lasted 45 minutes but when I got home I realised that she had shut herself in my bedroom! She was bouncing against the bedroom door whilst Coal was barking and both him and Tess were trying to push the door from the other side to let her out. She was only shut in the bedroom for 5 minutes at most but was soo stressed by the time I got in. For this training I have an app called Prescence on my iPad and iPhone. The iPad works as a video camera that I can link into via my iPhone anytime I like and if the camera detects motion it sends my phone the video of movement. It also has two way sound so I can talk to the dogs whilst out to calm or reassure them (or tell them off! Lol) it’s a free app and is available on android as well now. It’s brilliant for dogs with separation anxiety. So I nip round to my friends house and watch what they’re up to. An hour and a half is brilliant and a far cry from the two minutes Roxy could be left for when she first arrived! She doesn’t like being seperated from Coal and Tess when she’s left, even if it’s only in her crate, then it goes back to two minutes and she’s crying and barking, as long as she can snuggle up with my two she is fine, so would still need to be re-homed with at least one other dog in the household.

Roxy has grown really close to Tess and Coal, although Coal only lets her snuggle in with him at night, but he’s very protective of both her and Tess and he can get a bit antsy when they are rough housing with each other!

I have also been working on Roxy’s fear of children and she’s starting to overcome it, although she still shows fear signs especially when they are crying, screaming or shouting and will hide but when the kids are calm she laps up the attention from them. Here she is out a walk where we met Sally with her friend Mirren.

This was the first time Roxy and Mirren had met so this is fabulous progress! Roxy is also starting to get over her fear of men but slower improvement than with children. Here she is being part of the gang in my friends garden with Tess, Coal, Ollie and Perry (all staffies) but also men, women and little Kaylah, who she really likes. She has also taken a real liking to Simon, the first male she has went up to and smelled voluntarily then procedded to sit on his knee if I was inside!

Roxy has got ‘play’ down now and everything is a toy! She gas chewed a scourer sponge, a decorative paper flower and a decorative wooden ball

and the other day she was in the garden trying to catch my bedsheets that were hanging out to dry. She is just full of fun!  She is learning to share as well instead of hoarding the toys! Before they old all have a toy each but when either Coal or Tess walked away from theirs over Roxy would go to steal it and take it back to where she was sitting, she would end up sitting within a circle of toys! She didn’t show any aggression though when Coal or Tess took them back. So it’s good to see her sharing more

Rough housing between her and Tess is now taking place three/ four times per day

They do stop when I tell them to, but some times this is the result –

They do it quietly and sneakily thinking I won’t notice! And there’s certainly no point in making my bed with these two!

As I mentioned before, everything is a toy, here is Roxy playing with the cardboard tube from a roll of wrapping paper!

This was good though as I then tried her again with a toilet roll tube filled with treats and she worked it out this time. The last time I gave her it she looked at me strangely and walked away from it, but after watching Tess and Coal, she now has the knack of it


Roxy, like most staffies, is very intelligent so much so that she has worked out all the brain training games I have given her

Tess and Roxy gave become extremely close, which is good as Roxy will just plonk herself down wherever even if it is on top of Tess! Luckily Tess doesn’t mind!

Because my back has been particularly painful over this last week, there was a few days where I couldn’t move around the house so out came my trusty selfie stick to take photos of the dogs. Roxy will happily pose for photos but when she’s had enough, she’s had enough lol

Roxy is such a loving girl and always likes to be close to you, and if there’s no room on the couch she is by your feet


Roxy likes to ‘talk’ as I’ve mentioned in earlier updates and she is getting more vocal as you can see here

She also talks whilst I’m preparing her meals as if to say hurry up!

Out on walks she is very amusing. She will run for the ball like the rest of the dogs but her run is funny as she smiles and bobs her head up and down! She is starting to learn to brake as well thankfully and now finishes the ball retrieval by rolling on her back for a tummy tickle!

After posting this following video on Facebook, one of my friends commented that she was a staffie – roo which describes her perfectly!

Roxy is also a bit of a curtain twitcher and likes to watch the world go by from the back of the couch


She is a perfect little Staffy girl, who is still full of puppyish fun and whoever she adopts is going to be very fortunate indeed. She really is going to break my heart to let go, she is just awesome and such a great character as well as her stunning good looks, which she adores looking at in the mirror!

If you think Roxy would complete your family, please contact the lovely people at Staffie Smiles Rescue by filling out the online application form here –

On this website you will also be able to see the other staffies in their care at the moment and will be able to read about all the fantastic work they do to save these staffies from death row.

please help by re-blogging, sharing and/or retweeting to help find this adorable angel her forever home


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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