Busy busy starting up …..Canine Couture?

I have been busy making paracord dog collars, bandanas and head collars recently to donate to auctions but as I have so many I have decided to start up a Facebook selling page where I can sell the items and donate a percentage of each sale to Staffie Smiles Rescue, whilst still donating items to the auctions. This will mean that I can cover the costs of the materials, resulting in me having more money to spend on new materials!

Here are some of the paracord collars I have made so far –

I have worked out how to make adjustable collars as well now, so will be starting them. Also I bought some new reflective paracords in purple, red, blue, black along with some more mixed coloured ones.  I have also worked out how to paracord around an led collar, which gives the light through the paracord and makes the led collar stronger.


And am in the process of working out how to make paracord leads, so it’s all go here!

I have been making bandanas as well but this time in plain coloured fabrics which I will apply iron on emblems on to, there is a selections of these so that you can personalise to your own specifications. As I have got the sheets of iron on glue backing to fix to any fabric. I got glow in the dark, glitter and reflective materials so I can cut out hearts, stars, pawprints, bones or lettering so you can put your dogs name on the bandana. I also have diamonte paw prints that can be applied.

I am making some glow in the dark bandanas as well!

I will also be selling my head collars in two widths, they are both adjustable

Gorgeous Leila modelling the narrow pink head collar that stops her pulling on the lead

image image

along with my lead hooks,


so now I just have to decide on the name I’m going between Canine Couture and Canine Crafts and make one of each item for photos, trouble is as most of the items require personalisation, I can’t actually go ahead and make them all beforehand. I have never seen anyone make the same items so are original ideas that you won’t find elsewhere which is my usp so just got to get it up and running! When I do I will update this post with the link to the page, wish me luck….

well here it is my website – http://caninecc.weebly.com

facebook selling page – http://www.facebook.com/caninecouturecrafts


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