Chronic Pain Implant

Last December I saw this post on Facebook about the FDA approving a tiny implant that is meant to stop or drastically reduce the pain signals sent to the brain. It was designed and developed in Europe and is being used in Europe, unfortunately though not in the U.K!

This is the full article below, as annoyingly the link that I had saved from Facebook, now takes you to a members login page so I had to copy and paste, for those interested, if not just scroll down past the second dotted line 🙂

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FDA Okays Injectable Stimulation Device for Back, Leg Pain
Susan Jeffrey Disclosures
December 03, 2014
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted marketing clearance for an injectable microchip neuromodulation device for the relief of chronic back and leg pain.

The Stimwave Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) system is expected to be available in the United States as of January 2015, the company, Stimwave Technologies Inc, reported in a statement released December 2.

The device, which the company calls an “electroceutical” device, is already marketed throughout Europe for this indication.

Stimwave Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation system

Developed by scientists and engineers led by co-inventor and company chairman Laura Tyler Perryman, the technology involves a tiny injectable microchip device that delivers small energy pulses to electrodes near surrounding nerves, the statement notes. It “trigger[s] a reaction that enables the brain to remap specific pain signals, thus providing pain relief. Historically with SCS, dependency on pain medications can be drastically reduced or even eliminated.”
Stimwave Freedom Spinal Cord Stimulation system
“This technology is no longer an academic-type science experiment, but a real viable innovation that can immediately start being utilized by patients in pain,” Perryman said in the statement.

Neuromodulation has been an FDA-approved treatment for back and leg pain for more than 30 years, but the difference for this new device is the small size, the release adds. Measuring between 2 and 11 cm, it can be implanted through a standard needle, making implantation a shorter and less expensive procedure. It is also wireless, eliminating the need for wires to be connected to a power source. These external wires are the root of more than 80% of complications associated with neuromodulation therapy, the company said.

Further, the device contains no internal batteries or other toxic materials and is fixed in place by an anchor to limit its movement; it is a “permanent, long-term implant,” the release notes. “It naturally stays ‘in line’ with the body’s nerves allowing a freedom of motion that is impossible with bulkier implanted devices,” it says.

Patients can also undergo whole-body 3T or 1.5T MRI without removing the device, “which is unique in the industry,” the company adds.

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I have been been living with chronic back and leg pain, amongst other issues, for the last 8 years, with no hope of a cure, so you can maybe imagine just how bleak my future outlook was. I was told that my back would keep deteriorating and there was nothing they could do to cure it. I have had physio and 5 different physics said nothing we can do, every way I have turned I’ve hit a brick wall, and honestly I lost the strength to fight long ago. Being in constant pain wears you out, as does pretending that your fine and keeping that smile on your face, when inside your screaming and can’t take anymore – it’s exhausting! And I’m not talking a little tired here, I’m talking physically shattered, I never knew you could be this depleted that every fibre of your being is fatigued. Then the cherry on top is the lack of sleep due to the pain waking you up resulting in around two hours of broken sleep each night. I don’t know how I keep going and many times would love to give up and if it weren’t for my dogs, I would have by now.

So to read that there might be a light at the end of the black hole that is my future, well you can imagine my elation! Now the only problem was knowing that it was available in other countries and having to wait, for it to come to the U.K. I decide to go for it and try my best to get on the UK medical trials, what did I have to loose, if it doesn’t work I’m in no worse off a position and if it does, I would have a huge chunk of my life back to ‘normal’. I know it won’t cure all my back problems but even 1% improvement is better than none!

I emailed the link to my hospital consultant and waited for my next appointment in January this year but unfortunately it got cancelled due to her being off sick, then typically, just prior to the rescheduled appointment, I fell and couldn’t then make the journey. It wasn’t until March that I finally got another appointment, only to find that she hadn’t recieved the email I sent, it must of went to her trash folder, but after discussing it a bit, she told me that she could arrange an individual funding for me to get it, even though it isn’t available here yet!

I have now re-sent the article to her and she has spoken to the trustee, and they are going to investigate it further but she said it sounds hopeful and they have referred me to a one off appointment with a  joint specialist with my hospital consultant in attendance. So it’s not a straight NO anyway, so fingers crossed in a few months, my life might have changed, or at least got a bit easier


2 thoughts on “Chronic Pain Implant

  1. Hi, I am from Holland, and i got excepted into a trial.
    The biggest problem is that it is an American product and it most get clearence from
    Europe( CE clearence) that takes a long time. I know that they have the clearence and that
    the simulators are in Holland, but know I have to wait, untill the paperwork gets here.
    They hope that the can start operating this year. I Holland there are 6 patiënts that will be operated. I am one of the few, who will get a facial implant, because I have a damaged nerve, in my face due to a faulty operation.
    I hope that they will help you too. I wrote an email to Stimwave in America, and they brought me in contact with a person in Holland, and she put me on the list.
    Maybe they also have people working in the U.K, so maybe you can send an email to Stimwave.

    Sincerly Natascha

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    1. Thank you but I have recently just been told by my specialists who have been liaising with American and German specialists in stimwave and they found out that this implant wouldn’t help me! It helps if the pain starts in your legs and goes into your back but not if like mine the pain starts in my back and emanates to my legs after four years of trials they have found that it actually increases back pain.
      I am so glad that you are getting this implant and I really hope you find a big difference with it, good luck and please let me know how you get on xx


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