Impressive Izzy


Isn’t she she absolutely adorable?! She is a very cute, compact little Staffy girl that exudes love from every pore. Izzy is a young 8 year old that is full of fun and loves to play and has an incomparable zest for life.


Izzy is currently in foster in the Lichfield area, under the care of Senior Staffy Club, but would so love to adopt her forever humans, let’s see if it could be you…..

Izzy is a very well behaved, obedient girl that loves human interaction as staffies do. As she is a small girl, she’s perfect for curling up on your knee getting cuddles, shes a cuddly, loving wee thing. In the house Izzy is well behaved. She excels at giving a paw and leaves items when asked to. When playing she will bring you a toy to throw for her, which she then retrieves and returns to you, then will sit and wait for you to throw it again or play with her.


Whilst getting her ready to go a walk, she gets excited and will bark a little. Izzy walks exceptionally well on the lead whilst out, and doesn’t pull at all. She can walk past other dogs and walk beside them no problem but will tell a dog if it’s being rude and coming into her face. Izzy would prefer to be the only pet in the household as she will chase cats and pigeons in the garden. Cats would not enjoy or put up with this so best not to live with them. Izzy has enough love and character for you not to need another pet.


Izzy does not beg when your eating and will just lie on her cushion until you have finished. She will sit and wait to be told to get her dinner and you can take her bowl away at any time without any occurrence, and she takes treats from you very gently. She is also extremely well behaved during visits to the pub and will just sit beside you until your ready to leave without a peep, well maybe the odd snore!


She idolizes children and interacts with them very well, as most staffies do. She plays with her foster carers neighbours children aged 8, 9, 12 & 13 years. Although due to her age would prefer to live with children of 7 years and older. Children will adore Izzy too and will have hours of fun playing with her.


Izzy has to have an eye ointment applied to prevent dry eyes, but this only takes a few seconds to apply and can be done by one person as she is so used to having it done. This eye ointment costs around £20 per month but don’t let this put you off owning Izzy as Senior Staffy Club can help you out with this financial outlay if need be. Izzy is great at the vets and doesn’t object to being poked and prodded even when her eyes are being examined, she is so loving and friendly and adores all humans – even the vets! Izzy travels well in the car and just sits quietly in her crate! so no problems getting her to the vets either.  She has been speyed, microchipped and vaccinations are up to date, so no worries there.

In the evening Izzy has her night time play session then will curl up on her cushion until bed time. If you are up a bit later than normal, Izzy will go to bed when she thinks it’s time. At the moment she is sleeping in her crate in the utility room downstairs, she sleeps with the crate door open and has always slept all night without crying or barking just some quiet loud snoring! Izzy is not a morning dog but then I’ve never known a Staffie to be a morning dog, they like the comfort of their bed too much! So when her foster mum leaves early for work, Izzy remains in her bed until her foster dad gets up a little bit later on! She is very clean in the house.

Izzy is a fun filled, exuberant little Staffie who will make someone a very loving and loyal companion both child and adult alike. Love just exudes in bucketfuls from this little angel. The adopting family will be extremely lucky to have Izzy become a member of their family. There’s not much more you could want from a pet that Izzy doesn’t have in spadefuls.


If you have an Izzy shaped hole in your life and home why not fill out the contact us form online by clicking this link –

And here us the link directly to Izzy’s profile –

If adopting isn’t suitable for you at this time, there is still plenty you can do to help like, fostering, transportation, fundraising, donations either financial or practical (ask your local rescue what they need at that moment) or by simply re-blogging, sharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twiiter to get their faces out there and hopefully find their potential forever homes. Please help by reblogging and/or sharing this post anywhere you can think of, let’s find the home Izzy desires and deserves…..


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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