The ADORA-BULL Monty & Pippy


This lovely pair are brother and sister and have lived together all their lives, so need to be re-homed together. Their current owner has taken ill and is unable to care for them anymore which has broke her heart but she knows she can no longer give them the lives they deserve so is being responsible. Monty and Pippy are currently in a foster home together in the West Midlands via Senior Staffy Club, but would so love a retirement home to enjoy the rest of their lives. Both are 13 years of age and just want love and affection and some short walks, it’s not too much to ask is it, especially at this time in their lives?!

I will start with  Marvelous Monty, he’s a extremely friendly boy, who loves his sister Pippy dearly but is unsure of other dogs and couldn’t live with cats. He LOVES a fuss made of him and still likes to play albeit in short bursts, He will carry his toy around with him and can sometimes be a bit cheeky by carrying your slipper around but it’s only to show affection for you and he would never chew it, he just puts it into his bed!  He’s a wee character and is definitely the more dominant of the two but then he is the male. Don’t get dominance confused with aggression, the dominance just shows by nudging Pippy out of the way if he wants stroked! He’s a strong, sturdy built little man that loves his grub. Monty is very food orientated, as are most staffies scratch that dogs! He will take treats from you very gently though. Monty only needs short walks now he’s in his golden years although he can walk a bit further than his sister, he will still only need a few minutes walk at a time, just to do his business and get some smells. He’s great with children but Senior Staffy Club advise 7 years plus due to his advancing years. Monty is a gorgeous boy who just wants to be near you and get cuddles.


Now for Precious Pippy, who is also a friendly lady that loves hugs. Pippy is fine meeting other dogs but only wants to live with her brother, she is also unsure of cats, but adores children, again because of her age children of 7 years or older would be best for her. Pippy is a bit more delicate than her brother and has wobbly legs which is why she can’t walk very far before having a tumble, she still likes to play with a ball though, again in short bursts. Pippy is on medication, which I will go into later. Pippy loves her food too and is just as gentle as her brother when accepting treats.

These two really deserve a home of their own together in this latter stage of their lives. Both are very good in the house, nice and clean as well as being fine left alone for reasonable amount of times. They are a very loving pair and adore human interaction.

Health wise, they both have arthritis in their legs, which they get tablets for, which helps, and let’s face it how many of us won’t get arthritis when we’re older, if you haven’t got it already! Pippy also gets tablets to help her liver function better. So for their ages they are pretty healthy, nothing too difficult to treat. If you were to adopt this gorgeous pair the current owners have said that they will kindly continue to pay their insurance premiums, which cover the costs of these medications. So would be of no extra financial cost to the adopters.

Monty and Pippy may be far from pups but that doesn’t make them any less adorable and they still ooze love, just look at their eyes.

Could you give thus gorgeous pair the lovely retirement home they so deserve? Monty and Pippy are part of Senior Staffy Club Matchmaker scheme, meaning that they are in private paid foster, financed by the current owner, so are not in the rescues care directly but Senior Staffy Club is working with the family to find them a permanent home. Due to this, the adoption donation is one of your choice and any money donated goes directly towards the care of other senior staffies in their care. These senior staffies gave no one else to help them.

Go on open your heart and home to this delectable duo, I’m sure you wouldn’t regret it. It really is a privilege to care for an older dog, as you can do all you can do make the rest of their lives perfect and they will reward you 100 fold in gratitude and love, what more could you want than the extreme love and loyalty of a Staffie – I know it’s something I will never be without again. To own two staffies is brilliant to see the amount of love they have for each other as well as you, you’d think they’d burst with their over abundance of love it eminates  from them like a light that’s so bright it hurts your eyes. As the saying goes 2 is better than 1 and that’s no truer than of this wonderful breed. Adopting older dogs is a privilege, they know how to act, know commands etc so all they need is love and a cosy bed for two.


If you can think you can handle all this love and live in the U.K then why not pop over to their website and fill out The contact us form to start the adoption process

You will also be able to see the other senior staffies in the care at the moment.

please let’s give a big push for these two to help find them a permanent, loving hone environment they so richly deserve but re blogging, sharing and retweeting everywhere you can think of, let’s get their faces out there, thanks xx


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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