Roxy foster update

I know, I know it’s been over a week since I last posted an update on Roxy (slap on the wrist!), this has been due to several reasons the main ones being that I have been making orders for collars and head collars and secondly I have been having lots of fun with all the dogs so much so that I knew I should be writing an update but couldn’t tear myself away from the dogs! Lol it doesn’t help that whenever I’m at the computer or at the sewing machine, Roxy jumps up on my knee and blocks my vision, if I move my head to the side to see past her she moves to that same side to block me again. It’s like she’s thinking ‘why is she giving this inanimate thing her attention when I’m here?!’ She is such a sweetheart. Don’t worry though I kept up to date with my photo taking as you will see….

over this last week Roxy has made huge strides forwards with the three of us and is definately coming out of her shell. She is still very shy when meeting strangers and still shows fear signs when someone she knows arrives. To help her overcome this I have been introducing her to a wide variety of people, especially ones with dogs or have been around dogs so she can smell them. She finds it easier with females than males or children still. For example, I hurt my hand last week and it was all bandaged up for a couple of days, but this caused the problem of how do I cope with three dog leads and my walking stick/mobility scooter? It was a no go, so I went walks with my friends and their two staffies. They had a great time my two chasing the balls with my friends two whilst I played with Roxy and a ball. My male friend was playing with Roxy as well and she was having so much fun with him, she’s met him a few times now. Anyway once we got back home, my male friend that we were a walk with popped round to drop off a usb drive to me, Roxy started barking at him, she has a high pitched bark, so I thought it was because my front door has an alcove so maybe she didn’t recognise him so he stepped back into the garden to let her see him but she continoued barking, backing off and nervous peeing around his feet – pure nerves but yet she’d had fun playing with him ten minutes earlier! The next day Roxy met the Asda delivery man, who loves dogs and was very gentle and slow with her. She would lean forward to sniff his out held hand but then quickly back away. She started to bark each time but stopped herself and then would repeat this scenario. The delivery driver was extremely patient and this went on for around ten minutes and in that time he never got the chance to stroke her as she kept backing off. Now this may seem negative but in actual fact it was very brave of Roxy as she has never voluntarily stepped forward to smell a male before, certainly not without barking first. So it is progress and slow and steady wins the race.

Roxy is coming round quicker when she firsts meets people but is still shy. She has such funny little quirks of character, like the pig noises I mentioned in an earlier post, but also instead of jumping up onto the couch, which she can do no problem unless I’m sitting there, then she puts her front feet up and wants me to lift her bum up and when she’s on the couch and wants to go down she slides off instead of jumping off and will sometimes leave her back legs outstretched on the couch, standing with her front paws on the ground. The other night I was lieing on the couch with the blanket over me to heat up after our rainy walk with Roxy and Tess under the blanket, I got up to go to the kitchen and when I returned Roxy had managed to wrap the whole blanket around herself very quietly and without disturbing Tess! I so wish I had seen this as would love to know how she did it so perfectly it looks like I tucked her in!

all the dogs have grown so close to each other now and are very affectionate towards each other, they lick each other’s faces and ears, cuddle up so close to each other, share/swap treats and toys without incidence. They walk on a tri way lead splitter brilliantly as well!

Tess and Roxy playing tug tonight for the first time –

And Rough housing –

And the face after the outdoor rough housing –

She certainly has the hang of playing now! –


Out our walks she is interacting a lot more with my two, before as in the first of the next two videos, she would chase a ball once or twice during the walk but as you will see in the second of the videos she is having a lot more fun with them both the more she has relaxed with us

first time chasing a ball –

out on a walk –

A far cry from a few days before when someone passed us with 6 off lead dogs and she got such a fright she jumped up onto my scooter and she pushed the horn, which gave her another fright then she actually pushed the accelerator button and moved the scooter forward! It got turned off after that, until she was confident enough to get down! But then we haven’t seen many dogs on walks since, probably due to the rain!

Roxy likes being cheeky, which is good as so do Coal and Tess, so they like stealing each other’s treats and balls, but not aggressively, they wait until one of them walks away from the treat/toy and then they all move round one as you will of seen from the above video to, it’s so funny! Roxy is playing more with toys by herself as well as you can see in the following video, it’s amazing how much she has learned by watching my two, and what they’ve learnt from her – Tess isn’t pulling now when out walks and Coal has advanced again with his eating and confidence

On our walk last night we went to a nearby field and found that someone had set up an agility course from construction works fencing so my two, who have done a bit of agility before on walks, as I have the equipment, did the course first with Roxy watching intently, as she does then I tried her with a jump and she did it first time on command! Sorry there was some problem with youtube finalising this video so here is the link to my facebook post –

she still comes up for a cuddles for reassurance every once in a while

When a bus went past
When a bus went past

training her to be ok when left in house has started and is going well. As you may know from my earlier posts Roxy would start barking and crying continuously after 5 minutes of being left, but one day as I went accross the street to the shop, I had forgot to put her in her crate and she didn’t bark once ( I can hear from the shop) but I wasn’t gone more than 2 minutes so didn’t expect her to, so the next time I went to the shop I put her in her crate but returned to three dogs sat at the front door! They got so excited about my return that they managed to do this to my shopping bag!


Coal must gave opened the crate door, he did this for Tess when I was fostering her and  that was the moment I knew I had to adopt her! Anyway back to the training, yesterday I left her out of the crate and went to my friends house, a few doors away, and as I knew this would be the longest Roxy has been left i out the cctv app on on my iPad so I could see what they were up to whilst I was gone. I was gone 45 minutes in total and Roxy just lay beside Tess on the couch, then stood on the arm of the couch to look through the hatch and kitchen window to look for me and 5 minutes before I got in she went and sat in the hall to wait for me! She amazed me by doing so well, I think being able to cuddle up to Coal and Tess makes all the difference rather than being isolated in her crate, as she barks so much whilst in the crate that Coal and Tess move into the bedroom to get away from the noise! Although when I got back she sat on top of me so I couldn’t leave again!

Roxy loves to sun herself and takes up more of the couch than I do!

If I’m sitting out in the garden with them and Roxy has had enough sun instead of going in the house or moving to the shade she hides under the chair cushions as she doesn’t want to leave my side!

Although she is getting better slowly as a couple of days ago, I left her on the couch, went to the bathroom and she was gone when I came back through. I then saw that Tess and Coal were still were I left them in the livingroom, so I started panicking as she’s always beside one of us. I looked round the house and couldn’t see her so looked out the front door and there she was lieing sunning herself on one of the cooling dog beds. This was the first time that she had ventured into the garden without me or the fogs! As soon as she saw me she came in and went to her go to position of being wrapped around my back but this only lasted a minute before she returned to the garden, which is great progress. She is still my shadow around the house, even when I’m straightening my hair!

When Roxy first arrived, as you may know, wouldn’t take treats and would only eat Chappie. This has ceased and she has discovered food and loves it! She eats all of her meals which now consist of complete meal buscuits and some tasty mixed in which can be tuna, mackerel, chicken, tripe, scrambled egg etc and she checks Tess and Coals bowls after they finish to make sure they’ve not left any. Just look at the faces I get whilst preparing their meals!


Treats ty are no longer refused either, especially if she can play with them as well!

She is a fantastic dog and anyone will be lucky to have her she will keep flourishing. She is such a loving girl and loves to snuggle into you. She is going to be very hard to let go, but she wouldn’t be alive without foster carers able to help and there’s many more like her

If you are interested in adopting and live in Scotland then please take a look at this website

where you will find profiles of all the dogs in their care (including Roxy) and an online application form that you can fill out and send to start the ball rolling. There are many other ways you can help like fostering, fundraising, donations – both financial and useful items ( you can ask your local shelter what they need at the time), walking dogs at your local rescue or even just by reblogging, sharing or retweeting this post and the many other posts like it.


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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