Introducing Miss Phant

Ok Miss Phant is her nickname, her name is Ellie and she is gorgeous! Ellie is my friends foster dog and having been let down several times by interested adopters, she finds herself still in foster over a year later! She lives with her foster brother Dell (Bell) so could live with a calm male but would prefer to be the only pet, and why not, she deserves the extra spoiling! Ellie’s age is around 7 or 8 years old. No dog deserves to be in this situation at that age, she should be snuggled up on her forever couch with her human. Ellie would love nothing better, I’m sure.


Ellie has a little bit of lurcher in her we think, she is such a graceful runner. She is very fast when running despite her advancing years. Ellie is a water baby and loves to swim and paddle.

Ellie has a high prey drive so will chase birds, squirrels etc but is too old to actually catch them! She loves to run off lead in the park and has excellent recall. Ellie couldn’t live with cats as she thinks it’s fun to chase them, but the cats don’t!  She is a very friendly and affectionate lady that is quiet. She adores her walks as you can see from the photos. She can live with children of 8 years + as she needs a calmer environment for her retirement home. She is still very active outside, but likes to snuggle inside.

Even though Ellie is older she still loves to play with sticks sharing them with her foster brother, Dell. Ellie can be quite uppity with other dogs in the house although she gets on well with Dell but Dell is a very well balanced and calm dog, very laid back making him the perfect foster brother as he gives his foster siblings such confidence. Although it would be best for her to be the only pet in the house. Outside, Ellie just ignores other dogs, excepting Dell, and wants nothing to do with them, although she doesn’t like other dogs bounding up to her off lead but I wouldn’t either, would you?

Ellie has some health problems due to allergies that affects her paws and ears, which need treatment every morning. So she needs someone to love her and be responsible for her care and treatment. The rescue that Ellie is with is Senior Staffy Club and they have said that they will help with her medical bills after she is adopted. The allergies makes Ellie’s skin and ears very itchy and drive her demented without the treatment. So when her skin is itchy she wears socks or jumpers to stop her biting herself to stop the itch. She also has a doughnut collar to prevent her biting the itch.

Ellie’s skin is getting better slowly with treatment and she has had tests done to find out the cause which was found to be some grasses and pollen. Ellie’s allergies were so bad that she is getting experimental injections to try and keep the allergies under control which makes her feel a lot better. She is extremely good at the vets but with the number of visits she’s had she’s bound to be used to them now. This poor wee angel has had such a time of things, she has had a small benign lump removed from her side, a wart removed from her face and last week had a haematoma drained in her ear, which is healing well, that was the result of Ellie continually scratching the itch. The ears must be so annoying for them when they are consistently itchy like this. If you suffer from hay fever or allergies you will have an idea of how Ellie feels with hers. Senior Staffy Club are kindly going to help with the cost of these injections that help her so much when she finds her forever home

Look at those eyes!
Ellie has some funny quirks, as do all dogs!

Look at that smile!
She will lie with her foster carers son getting stroked and will purr like a cat! She adores him and loves all the attention! Ellie is a fireplace hog and loves nothing better than curling up beside the fire

Unfortunately Ellie was used as a breeding machine prior to being rescued. She plays with tyres in the garden  and loves sticks. She loves her life now, as you can see from this video and photos-

another of Ellie’s quirks is that she’s a thief and has been known to steal food from the pet shop shelves! Well she doesn’t know anything of money and just sees food! She is a very food orientated girl and will steal from other dogs which is why she is fed seperately from her foster brother Dell, as Dell would just let Ellie eat his dinner, he’s such a gentleman just like my wee boy Coal.

As I said earlier Ellie has been in foster for over a year now ( January 2014 she went into her foster home) which makes her Senior Staffy Clubs longest resident! This is strange as she’s also one of their youngest staffies as Senior Staffy Club only take in staffies over 7 years of age. Here is Ellie’s ‘talking’ video, pleading for a forever home, how can you refuse?!

Ellie is a lovely natured dog and absolutely adores people especially if you give her some love, make a fuss of her and she’s your best friend.


She has the gorgeous brindle colouring, like my Tess which I just love to see in the sun – that stunning gold copper colour.

This lady really deserves a home of her own to spend the rest of her life surrounded by love, something she has known little of until this last year and a half (almost). If you think you could give her the home, love and attention she needs, and live in the U.K, please contact Senior Staffy Club by filling out the contact form on their website, under the contact us tab –


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