Roxy – day 5 in foster

Well last night started off well she was excited about having the small crate in my bedroom and instantly jumped in when I opened the door. She never cried all night but I still didn’t get any sleep and neither did Roxy or my two, simply because Roxy kept nesting and because she was in the small crate she kept rattling the bars of the crate whilst sorting her blanket – which was never good enough, so she’d start over! Then as Roxy was moving about Coal and Tess sat on the edge of the bed watching her and every time she stopped moving, my two would lick her head through the crate roof! So at 6am (ish), I let her on the bed and she immediately went under the duvet, head on my pillow and started snoring LOUDLY!

when I got up Roxy rushed to the front door to get out into the garden, as soon as I opened the door, she dashed out, whereas normally she waits for coal and Tess to go out then waits on me to accompany her out, so I thought she must of been desperate, but she never did anything, just had a nosy around the garden, then rushed back inside and started playing with a ball. She continued playing whilst I made their breakfast of scrambled egg, bacon and a spoonfull of natural yoghurt mixed in with biscuits, which she ate in the kitchen alongside Coal and Tess, again no problem and she ate some of the biscuits.

Then it was back to playing. She has found the toy box and started pulling toys out playing with them for a few minutes then getting another toy out. She did this for around half an hour, then gave up bringing more toys out and instead went from toy to toy playing with each for a few minutes. She then decided that holding two toys between her front paws was a good idea, as she would chew one then the other and didn’t have to move to do so!

I started to write my Pawpost review blog but didn’t get far as Roxy jumped up onto the couch and sat on the arm so I couldn’t see the computer screen! She then lay down on my knee, so I returned to typing only for Roxy to nudge my hand every letter I typed so the blog had to be put on hold!

We went a walk but never met anybody but she still stuck like glue to either Coal or Tess, if she couldn’t stick to them both at the same time lol

When we got back, I dried their feet as normal, Roxy flops over on to her back to get this done, then they all had a snooze whilst I finished my blog post!

watching the world go by
watching the world go by

We went into the garden to play with the outside toys and Roxy has started hoarding toys! Probably as she’s never had any toys herself, she’s now acting like a terrible three year old – that’s mine and that’s mine and that’s mine and I’m going to hoard them all around me do no-one else can get them! So I’m going to have to watch that doesn’t get any worse, but she’s not aggressive about it, just cheeky lol My friend, who also has a Staffie popped round for a visit when we were in the garden playing and had a bag full of sausage bits for the dogs. Coal and Tess ran up to the garden gate and were jumping up to see her, so over Roxy went, jumped up against the gate and started barking! This is the first time she has barked and it was high pitched and very cute! She quickly stopped barking when Carrie gave her some sausage bits! We came in the house and Carrie was petting all three dogs then got cuddles and kisses from Roxy! She has come on leaps and bounds with her confidence, such a delight to see!

Giving Carrie kisses
Giving Carrie kisses

As Carrie was leaving I got the dogs ready and we walked round with her then continued with the walk. On the walk we passed a burn which Coal and Tess both love to jump in, but it scared Roxy just walking next to it, but after she’d seen my two diving in and out Roxy took a few tentative steps towards the burn but then jumped back, not sure if it was the movement of the water or the noise but either way she didn’t like it! Most staffies don’t like rain but usually don’t have a problem with water, unless it’s a puddle! So don’t think she’s been hear running water either! The rest of the walk she walked a bit further away from my two and wasn’t velcroed to them but she stayed in the middle if them both, just not touching them the whole time. As we were walking back we walked past a garden with a screaming child in it, this terrified Roxy and she started shaking and peeing whilst walking so I gave her a stroke to reassure her. We then past two groups of teenagers again Roxy was petrified and started shaking, peeing and walking between my legs! I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to walk with a dog between your legs and two dogs in front of you, but let me tell you it wasn’t easy, especially with my walking stick! As it’s just short walks until the end of this week and with Roxy’s anxiety levels I have been walking them rather than taking my mobility scooter as I normally would. I have been using this time to get her familiar with the scooter by placing treats on it so she can give it a good investigation, I will start turning it on tomorrow so she also gets used to the noise it makes then I will manoeuvre it around the garden with her watching so that by the end of the week she’s bored of it, then we can try her walking with it. She was desperate today to run about with Coal and Tess when they were off lead but I had disastrously forgotten the long line lead as well as my phone so couldn’t let her or take any photos but I will remember it tomorrow – both the lead and phone!

For dinner I gave them boiled chicken, biscuits and omega3 chicken sauce mixed in Roxy was being stubborn and refused to sit for her dinner so she got fed last after she eventually sat so I think she’s testing her boundaries which is a great sign for her confidence. She ate some biscuits again and all the chicken as usual then after dinner treats and is now snoring loudly on my knee!

Foster Mummy cuddles
Foster Mummy cuddles


If your interested in adopting a Staffie and live in Scotland, please fill out the online application here –



2 thoughts on “Roxy – day 5 in foster

  1. OMG, she’s adorable! If I wasn’t allergic to dogs, I would be seriously thinking of adopting her myself. I also have this urge to send you some tennis balls LOL
    There is still so much work ahead with her, isnt there? It sounds like she spent the first part of her life cooped up in a small space with nothing to do, no love or fun, and no interaction with anything that should be a normal part of life for a dog.
    I seriously think everyone should be assessed before owning an animal, and formally trained on how to be a good owner. But then, I guess there would need to be follow up assessments….But I just don’t understand how anyone can take an animal and then neglect it’s needs, let alone people who physically and psychologically abuse animals. It makes me so angry!
    You are doing a cracking job with her, petal. Well done! (((hugs)))

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  2. Yes I really need to work on her separation anxiety as she can only be left alone fir two minutes even with my dogs with her before she starts barking and crying so anybody that works couldn’t leave her just now she would have to go go work with them even shutting her in a seperate room from me starts her off even when she can see me through the baby hate but she’s been too nervous to start training so going to try and start next week x


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