Roxy 4th day in foster

sorry this post is a day late but we had a busy day yesterday as you will see. I will post about today ( day 5 ) later this evening. The evening of day 2 in foster we went our walk, up until now I have been taking them quiet walks where I knew we wouldn’t meet many people or dogs, but decided to take them a busier route now Roxy is a bit more settled.

Not long after setting off, we met a woman I knew who wanted to stop and speak to us. She is a very gentle woman and has dogs of her own, so when she asked about Roxy I told her her story as I knew it and told her to slowly put her hand out to let Roxy smell it, which she did, but Roxy shot back and hid behind my legs! I continued talking with the woman and five minutes later Roxy appeared between my legs and crept slowly forward to smell the woman’s toe but then bolted straight back between my legs and started shaking so we moved on. During all the walks we’ve been, Roxy sticks like glue to either Coal or Tess, dependant on what is worrying her – if it’s humans or dogs/cats she velcros herself to Coal, whereas if it’s a poly bag blowing in the wind or birds then it’s Tess she sticks to. After the walk,  resulted in Tess and Roxy cuddling up together on the couch. Tess loved this as Coal doesn’t let her cuddle up with him, he used to but now he’s one of the boys he’s too big for that so moves away from her, and of course Roxy loved it as well and I was actually able to move away without Roxy following me, so as long as she’s touching someone she’s fine. I was sitting next to them but when I tried to stand up Roxy positioned her herself so she could grab my leg with both her front paws to prevent me from moving!

On our second walk, we went to the woods, I think this was Roxy’s first ever walk in the woods as she shook like a leaf the whole way and kept looking to me, Coal and Tess for support but she enjoyed all the smells.

Here is a video of part of our walk –

That night Roxy refused to go into her crate and wouldn’t settle, so I gave in and let her sleep in my bed along with Coal & Tess, so you can imagine how little room on the bed I had with three staffies spread eagled! I had Roxy at one side of me and Tess at the other, both under the duvet with their heads on the pillows, with Coal, also under the duvet, lieing between my legs! Felt like that child’s song Ten in the Bed! On the third morning Roxy’s confidence had taken  a huge boost she went into the garden without me by her side and had a good sniff about whilst I watched from the door, then the kitchen window.

She then came in and initiated play for the first time, with a tennis ball. I continued preparing their breakfast of biscuits, scrambled egg and a spoonful of natural yoghurt. When it was ready I called Roxy into the hall to get her breakfast seperately from my two, who eat in the kitchen, but Roxy refused to leave the kitchen so I let her eat with my two, keeping a close eye on them. The meal went without incidence and Roxy actually ate some of her biscuits!


The Smoke alarm went off after they’d finished eating as my toast burnt but Roxy paid the alarm noise no attention, she was more worried about me fanning the towel under the alarm to dissipate the smoke! We all then went into the garden to enjoy the sun and have a play.

I put down the cooling dog mats, that gave a cool gel insert, for them to lie on, Roxy thought these were to play with and proceeded to rag doll them- everything is a toy to her now!

Then the postman came with some parcels and I thought Roxy would run away from him, but she must of realised he’s ok as every time he has came since she arrived here, he has brought parcels containing items for the dogs. She’s not daft! Today he had brought a parcel containing sweet potato chews, one of Roxy’s favourites and another parcel containing sardine and sweet potato training treats. All dogs were delighted with this and got a sweet potato chew each, which they all devoured.

more cuddles on the couch with Tess and they’re even crossing their paws for the best for Roxy! During this cuddle session I noticed that Roxy is grinding her teeth! I’m hoping as she relaxes more that this will stop, I just don’t want her to damage her teeth in the meantime, so I tried to distract her with treats and toys but nothing worked. I just hope this resolves itself and quickly, as proper dental care, recent studies have shown, that it can add 2+ years onto a dogs life.

Then we went another walk, I couldn’t manage to get any photos of this one though as we came across a lot of humans and dogs so needed all my hands for the leads. She still remains stuck to at least one of my dogs during the walks. We never stopped to talk to anyone but as people were passing Roxy moved to the other side of me and/or the dogs to avoid them. She would really need another dog in the house in her forever home to keep her confidence up. later that afternoon Lucanne, the vet that saved Roxy, popped in with an Adaptil collar and a case of tinned food for Roxy and of course lots of cuddles. Lucanne noticed a big difference in her ‘pig dog’ so called due to the vocal noises Roxy makes – I’ll try to catch her talking on a video for you to hear, it’s hilarious! Roxy would only eat Chappie when she was with Lucanne but she had started eating some of the biscuits at breakfast time.


Lucanne put the Adaptil collar on Roxy, as I was unsure how to do it. It lasts for 4-5 weeks and emits an appeasing pheromone that lactating bitches naturally produce. Thus pheromone provides reassurance to the puppies, helping them to feel safe and secure when encountering new experiences and environments. Research has shown that it provides the same effect on dogs of all ages, helping to reduce stress. I have the Adaptil plug in diffuser but the collar will give Roxy extra reassurance. for their dinner I tried Roxy again with the biscuits, soaked in water, along with some flaked mackerel and fed her in the kitchen with Coal and Tess, and again she ate it, she originally only ate the mackerel and a couple of biscuits, but when I held her bowl up for her she ended up eating the majority of them so worth persevering as better nutrition than the tins, but at least I have the tins for back up. Then it was time for the dreaded, evil Hoover to come out! She was very unsure of the Hoover and looked at Coal to see what he did, after having a good sniff before I turned it on she copied Coal and left the room but couldn’t be seperated from me for very long so returned and copied Tess by sitting on the couch. Tess and Roxy kept looking to each other for support whilst I hoovered but I felt like they were making sure I didn’t miss a bit, after all staffies don’t have owners they have minions! Lol

Supporting each other during the Hoover trauma!
Supporting each other during the Hoover trauma!

I have also noticed that every time I go into the bathroom after she’s tried to sit on my knee and I put her down she goes straight to the full length mirror and stares at herself in it, and watching me and Tess through it! Then guess what happened……more cuddles! I set up the small dog crate in my bedroom and as soon as I put the dog bedding in, in Roxy jumped looking all pleased with herself so I took that as a good omen for bedtime! I will update with the result later today (day 5) if you are interested in adopting Roxy or one of the other staffies in the rescue and live in Scotland, please fill out the online application form on the website to get the process started


If you are unable to adopt at this time please consider fostering it really is such a worth while and enjoyable experience. If that’s not an option you could volunteer by walking dogs in your local rescue, fundraising or donating. Even the littlest help goes a long way and is very much appreciated. Thanks for reading my blog and Roxy’s updates


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