Pawpost – April Review

In this months box they informed us that Pawpost has partnered up with the charity All Dogs Matter to help dogs searching for a forever home. As sadly more and more dogs need the services of rescue and rehoming centres so Pawpost want to do their bit and coupled with the fact the also support Beautiful Joe’s who, forever pack of their treats purchased, donate a bag to a rescue centre are doing a good job of it. For every Pawpost box sold through their website, Pawpost will donate £1 to All Dogs Matter.

All Dogs Matter is a small organisation that work tirelessly to rescue and re-home dogs in London, Norfolk and surrounding areas. They have re-homed a staggering 77 dogs so far this year! Currently they have 42 pups in their care. For more information on All Dogs Matter please check out their website here –


Now onto the goodies in the box this month, as we were on the topic of charities I will start with the Beautiful Joe’s dried liver treats that are being supplied in every box this year and as mentioned before Beautiful Joe’s donates a bag of treats to a rescue centre for every bag purchased. These are a great size for training treats and was the first treat Roxy my foster dog took from me, after offering her several.


Continuing with treats, next up is the Billy & Margot’s honey and banana biscuits. These are hand baked in the U.K and contain no additives or wheat, pure fruit, linseed and seaweed. the pack gives you lots of information on the benefits of each ingredient –

oats – help diabetic & obese dogs to maintain stable blood sugar levels and reduce the feeling of hunger

barley – contains soluble fibres

banana – fibre, natural sweetness & full of complex carbohydrates and anti oxidants

honey – natural sweetener known to boost immunity

linseed – natural source of Omega -3 fatty acids that help maintain healthy joints, also good for the heart

seaweed – naturally rich in a variety of minerals, vitamins & trace nutrients such as iodine

chicken oil – when refined is probably the best quality oil you could use in dog food, it provides long term energy and essential fat soluble amino acids in the diet.

brewers yeast – rich source of mineral and most B vitamins

cinnamon – consumed in small quantities, can help reduce blood sugar

turmeric – contains carcumin, which gives the yellow pigment, which has anti-oxidant properties

so full of great stuff, not that the dogs care about that they just love the taste!


this next item has arrived in perfect timing for Roxy to get a shower! SShh!!! It is Muddy Marvellous natural mineral conditioner by Scruffychops. it contains dead sea mud, shea butter and oatmeal and is perfect for all hair types and sensitive skin. the ingredients are 98% natural with aloe vera and jojoba seed oil all combines to keep your dogs skin healthy, hydrated and irritant free, leaving their coat shiny and soft. theres no harsh chemicals, sulphites or parabens and is completely cruelty free – as it should be. it comes in reduced plastic packaging for easy use and smells lovely tho not sure Roxy will agree but thats another post all together! it is a 250ml packet


Moving on to the toys included this month which are the BecoBall rope tug, which is made from hemp and acts as a dental floss when frayed. I like Beco products as they are environmentally friendly and non toxic.


Roxy playing with becorope
Roxy playing with becorope

Lastly we have saved the best till last a lovely strong tyre toy with a rope loop by Rosewood called Pup Treads. the tyre is made from tough rubber and has a 20cm diameter, the rope attached is 18cm high, so a proper small tyre, which should keep them going for a while. Due to its size it is an outside toy as if played with inside I have visions of it going through my plasma tv! This is a great toy and all my dogs love it


All in all another superb box this month from Pawpost and as usual some very delighted dogs.

Thanks Pawpost!

If you are interested in purchasing a monthly box subscription from Pawpost, you can do so here –


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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