Roxy – 3rd day in foster

What an improvement! Roxy second night here and she only cried twice though the night, once as soon as I went to bed and second time was 5 minutes before my alarm was due to go off this morning, vast difference from the previous night when she cried every hour! Although there has been such a huge improvement I have purchased a Heartfelt Millie dog comforter which has a battery operated heart beat that you place in the head shaped pocket or can be placed into another toy, and I found one of those hand warmer pads in a drawer so I can place that in the head as well to give warmth. It is motion activated so won’t waste batteries either *please note this is not a toy to be played with, it is a comforter to place in their bed to help with separation anxiety* The vet Lucanne that saved Roxy from being pts, texted yesterday to find out how she was getting on and she has ordered an Adaptil collar for her at cost price so she’s going to bring it along with some tinned food on Monday as Roxy will not eat the dried biscuit meal that mine get.


Last night they all got a chew treat each but it was like musical treats they were all chewing their own then one would walk away from their treat so the other two stopped chewing theirs then swapped treats, it was all fine everybody was happy to do this but the look on Roxy’s face every time she stole a treat was priceless just look at that ‘wasn’t me’ face –

treat thief extraordinaire
treat thief extraordinaire

After treat time Tess and Coal started to play and after a couple of minutes watching them play Roxy joined in and actually played properly for the first time!

She likes balls to play with and teddies to cuddle in to but doesn’t have a clue what to do with a tug toy yet and gets a bit nervy when Coal and Tess play tug, but she’ll learn from watching them.

She and Tess then cuddled into me and Roxy started licking Tess’s head and belly so Tess returned the favour.

Roxy is a crazy horse first thing in the morning, when I open her crate door I have to be sitting down or I would end up flat on my back, as she doesn’t just walk out she launches herself at me, tail wagging and tongue licking, so happy to see me then she jumps on the couch and stands on her back legs with her front legs on my shoulders giving me a hug and lots of face kissing and if I dare to turn away for a second she tries to climb up my back! After this display of love, I walked back through to the bedroom, with Roxy following me closely, and she jumped up on my bed beside Tess, so I lay next to them giving them both belly rubs (& rubbing Coals back with my foot! I need to grow an extra hand!!) and the sheer delight on her face was immeasurable.

All the dogs refused to go out into the garden for toiling due to the rain – typical staffies, but even when the rain stopped Roxy took one step out got her paw wet, dashed back in the house and sat with her paw up waiting for me to dry it! So after this mad half hour it was time for cuddles and a wee snooze on the sofa. She has definitely got the right idea for Sundays!


She is getting the hang of treats as well as long as you give her her favourites first which are pig spaghetti then sweet potato chews, then she will eat whatever treat you give her, but if you give her a different treat before the pig spaghetti she turns her nose up at it!

She has been playing with a tennis ball today, chasing it and bringing it back, but whilst bringing it back to me she doesn’t walk, she crawls in a submissive way so still a way to go. I am going to start introducing her to a range of people this week to help build her confidence as so far all the people she has met she has wanted nothing to do with and clings to me like she wants to be inside me so some slow intros and lots of praise to boost her confidence. When out walking with my two she sticks to Tess like glue if a paper bag blows in the wind or sticks to Coal if another dog is heading our way but if its a person coming its me she sticks to. She is just amazing how far she has come in such little time with the three of us so now its time to widen her outlook.

If your interested in adopting this angel please fill out the online application form here –

to get the process started. Also on the website you will find information on all the staffies in their care. If you adopting isn’t an option at the moment, please consider fostering, helping out at your local rescue centre, fundraising, donating items, donating financially or by reposting/retweeting dogs needing homes. Anything you can do to help is always appreciated


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