I would like to wish you all a belated happy Easter!

Things have been a bit manic here as I was making bandanas and head collars for a Spring craft fair this Saturday where Staffie Smiles Rescue has a stall and because I was waiting on materials arriving It was a bit last minute to get them posted out in time! but they’re done and posted now. I have got two lead hooks to make, narrower head collars, more bandanas and paracord dog collars but I have to have a break whilst I wait for more materials to arrive! I have ordered some glow in the dark material and thread to make bandanas with and some glow in the dark & reflective paracord so you can see the dogs on dark Winters nights. Both the material and paracord look normal in the daylight – I purchased pale pink, pale blue and pale yellow in the material and in the paracord I bought pale p-ink & pale blue, both with reflective stitches through them and a light green without the reflector thread. I also bought a lovely star fabric where the stars glow in the dark.

and here are the headcollars finished


We had a lovely Easter weekend here the sun was out and it was glorious, so much so that I was at my first barbecue of the year on Easter Sunday – very early for Scotland!

My lovely neighbour brought me an Easter egg along with a bag full of treats for the dogs, although Tess thought the egg was for her, she wasn’t best pleased when I had a bit and didn’t offer her any of it!


I hope you all had as good an Easter as we did and by the next time I write a blog post I might have another foster dog, but don’t want to jinx it by saying too much so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also if you have time, please take a look at my friends blog here – http://tenderlovingcanines.wordpress.com


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