My new project

As some of you may know from my previous posts I make dog bandanas to help raise funds for the rescue I foster with – Staffie Smiles Rescue ( ) They sell them in their Facebook auction page ( Auction for Staffie Smiles ) along with other donated lots.

I had made a lot of bandanas and although they sell well, I was wanting to try something new, not to replace the bandanas just as something different, so I decided to make figure of 8 head collars from fleece and webbing, which helps in training dogs to walk to heel without pulling as it puts a slight pressure on their muzzle which distracts them from pulling. Many of these head collars are made from nylon which may rub, especially dogs like Tess that have less hair. The ones that are made from fleece are quiet expensive so I thought I would make my own.

what you need - fleece 1metre long, 3" wide, good scissors, 1metre of webbing, measuring tape and 2 D-rings
what you need – fleece 1metre long, 3″ wide, good scissors, 1metre of webbing, measuring tape and 2 D-rings

Originally I thought I would just make two, one for each of my dogs, but when I was working out the quantities of materials that I would need, I soon realised that 1m x 60″ would make quite a few. So I purchased one metre of black fleece, but plain black is not to everyones taste and I wanted to make them original, so I purchased 8 different colours of webbing, as this worked out to be more cost effective than 1 colour of webbing and differing colours of fleece. I got black, red, green, pink, blue, purple, camouflage and rainbow webbing along with some D rings to attach the lead to.

my colour choice of webbing
my colour choice of webbing

I made them adjustable for different breeds of dogs, so they adjust under the chin and at the lead end behind the neck. A lot of these head collars available on the market you have to choose which side you want to walk your dog i.e. left or right side as the head collar will only work from one side, but when you have two dogs they might not walk on the same side on each walk so the ones I made can be used with the dog on either side of you.


Here is Tess & Coal modelling the first 2 head collars that I made –

I am very pleased with how they have turned out, I just hope they sell so they help the dogs in need, be cared for


4 thoughts on “My new project

  1. Ohhh! I bet Khia would love this way more than her Gentle Leader! She HATES the part that goes around her nose. I think it’s because she has short hair, like you mentioned. I hope you sell a lot!


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