PawPost Box March Review

This month an extra special PawPost birthday box was delivered specifically for Coal as it is his birthday on the 24th March and as you will see from the photos he is very pleased with it!

image image

Included in this special birthday box were lots of lovely surprises as usual.

Firstly I will start with the doggy beer as I had been going to buy Coal one for his birthday so imagine my delight when one came in the PawPost box! It is called Barkers Brew and comes in a 330ml brown glass bottle. It is non alcoholic and chicken flavour and is to be used to add to your dogs dry food, recommended usuage is 60ml per day as a treat for adult dogs – it is a beer lol, so no pups allowed! It can also occasionally be added to drinking water for a special treat. It isn’t just a novelty though as it contains vitamin E for immune system support and to maintain a healthy, supple skin. It is non alcoholic, non carbonated, low sodium and fat free. Their slogan is Delicious Barkers Brew for your dog….not you. The chicken flavour is natural. It must be refrigerated after opening and should be used within 7 days once opened. It is made in the U.K I haven’t opened this as it is being saved for Coals birthday party on the 24th so I will update after that on how the dogs liked it, or not as the case may be but I’m pretty sure it will be the former!

Next is a fab dog birthday cake made by Pupbake. It is 100% natural and in one of Coals favourite flavours – cheese! It contains nothing artificial, human grade ingredients, wheat and gluten free and is a source of calcium. It uses free range eggs and milled flaxseed, which is good for the heart. It is suitable for dogs over 6 months. It can be served as one large treat or can be sliced and used over 3 days. It is also made in the U.K and as before this is being saved for Coals birthday but I’m sure it will be devoured being that it’s cheese!

On the cake subject we also have Oscars Apple and Cinnamon Birthday Cake biscuit treats, made by Fetch and Follow. Oscar is the PawPost chief product inspector and it’s his birthday soon as well so these treats were made for him but luckily Coal gets to share them! Again these treats are all natural using spelt flour, Apple, oat bran, molasses, cinnamon and ginger only. They are hand made in small batches using a home oven, locally sourced and sustainable products where possible. These treats need to be stored in an airtight container to keep them fresh – if they last that long! I was keeping these for Coals birthday as well but for the purpose of this post I gave both Coal and Tess one each to taste and they didn’t touch the sides!


The last treat included in this special months box is of course Beautiful Joes Ethical Dog Treats, 100% dried liver. This year Pawpost are supplying a bag of these treats in every box because for every pack purchased, Beatiful Joes donates a pack to a rescue centre. This month instead of the usual bag of these treats, they were supplied in a handy pocket sized tin, perfect to use whilst training. Both my dogs love these so I use them as high reward training treats as the are individually small in size.

Then we move on to this months toys starting with the Kong Squeakair tennis ball. Kong toys are known for their strength and durability. Their tennis balls are far stronger than normal tennis balls and contain a squeak, which seems to last a long time – pawfect for driving the humans nuts! Although it is more durable than a normal tennis ball it is by no means indestructible especially if left to chew! Coal loves when Tess plays with it and he tries to copy the squeak which is very funny to hear! Both Tess and Coal like tearing the yellow fluff from the ball and making a mess!


Finally we received a fox plush toy made by All For Paws (AFP) called Fox Renard. It is an Eco friendly toy that has a squeak in the head and another at the tail tip. They have been playing with this and so far it seems quiet strong. They have played tug with it a few times and there has been no damage inflicted thus far!

All in all another delightful box supplied by PawPost, the dogs (especially Coal) and I are very pleased…..AGAIN. You can get your paws on a PawPost box here –

Disclaimer: this was purchased by myself and not given to me for free in exchange for this review. The opinions belong to me and my dogs and haven’t been influenced by a third party.


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