Tetanus – make sure your up to date!!

Whether you own a dog or not it is important to keep up to date with your tetanus shot. Tetanus is usually the one you forget as the injection lasts 10 years and I have never been reminded by any healthcare worker when it is due.

Tetanus is horrible and I should know as I have it at the moment from the dog bite last week that I sustained due to the stupidity of the owner knowing that the dog doesn’t like mobility scooters, yet failing to put it on a lead! Even though I managed to move my leg resulting in the bite becoming more of a graze, the muscles surrounding the area have become very rigid, like I have never felt before. Luckily it hasn’t become infected but it feels like a plank of wood under my skin, it’s that hard! Tetanus is caused by other things than animal bites, it is also caused by the following


I have been feeling extremely exhausted much more than usual, now I have just had a thyroid test yesterday so am waiting on the results of that but this exhaustion doesn’t feel like normal under activity of the thyroid gland, certainly I’ve not experienced it to this degree before, so I think some of it may be down to the tetanus infection. My jaw has been clenching a lot a bit like lockjaw but not as severe and my neck is very stiff and sore. Usually my neck is the only part of my back that doesn’t hurt! This is down to the tetanus infection and are the first symptoms you find. It feels like a bad cold.


Since getting the injection in my arm yesterday, my arm has been very stiff, the nurse said this would last for a couple of days as would the rigidity on the muscles surrounding the injury. So hopefully I should be feeling a bit better by then too. Tetanus is a bad infection and if left untreated becomes very very painful and symptoms can take up to 21 days to appear, so it is worth making sure your up to date with the injection to prevent you going through the same as I have.



2 thoughts on “Tetanus – make sure your up to date!!

  1. Sorry for my late reply I have been totally wiped out with this infection but feeling better now at last! Yes my neighbour and friend took the dogs out for me thankfully or I would have paid a dog walker x


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