long overdue!

i am well passed late getting my thyroid test done and I am beyond exhausted so I think it’s time to bite the bullet and go to the Doctors to get my bloods taken. Although I’m not 100% sure that it is my thyroid causing the exhaustion as when my thyroid drops to under active I usually eat more and gain weight, but currently I’m having a real problem with eating, and have lost tons of weight ( not that I’m complaining about the weight loss! Lol )

when I say exhausted I mean literally. I am used to feeling tired with only getting a maximum of a couple of hours sleep per night due to being woken up with the pain from my back, hips, knees or heels but this level I feel just now is ridiculous. I wake up in the morning and ten minutes after getting up I could easily go back to sleep if the pain allowed it and it just gets worse as the day goes on. I have to force myself to do even the tiniest thing and keep delaying starting things as the effort it takes feels like a vertical wall to climb.

when I say a problem eating I mean I’m not! I have never been a great eater even as a child but since the pain in my back started I ate less because being in constant pain does nothing for your appetite and after the extra pain caused by making the food it’s the last thing on my mind to do. Since my back pain started I usually have a cup of tea for breakfast, miss lunch and eat dinner or as much as I can face. occassionally around 11am I will eat either some cereal, toast or homemade pancakes and in the afternoon I may have a few crisps or savoury biscuits then my dinner at night. Lately however I have not been hungry at dinner time and after cooking am having to try to force myself to eat, even a few forkfuls. This is nothing to do with the pain either! It started the second week in January when I was violently sick every 15 minutes for a couple of days and I had vomitted up my pain killers for my back and I couldn’t get the chemical taste out of my mouth for days no matter how often I brushed my teeth or used mouthwash and ever since then food doesn’t taste like it should, everything tastes bland like cardboard so is very unappetising, it doesn’t even smell like it should! So it’s time to get this checked out

i have been putting off going for a few reasons – 1. Going in the car aggravates my back pain then sitting in the waiting room etc by the time I get home after an appointment I am fit for nothing the next few days 2. Getting an appointment is extremely difficult, you have to start phoning at 8am for an appointment that day and they are usually full by 8.15am 3. Getting a time that is suitable for my friend to take me there is difficult as well, I could use my taxi card to get there and back but the last taxi driver drove crazily so put me off by flying over speed bumps – great for my back! :0 I could take my mobility scooter but I would have to leave it outside the surgery and would be frightened it got stolen also I would feel guilty not taking the dogs with me as its a decent walk for them to the surgery but again wouldn’t want to leave them outside!

but it’s not going away by itself so can’t put it off any longer, well only another week as my friend is away abroad this coming week so will arrange appointment for the following week! Wish me luck…..


2 thoughts on “long overdue!

  1. Wishing you lots of luck xx
    Do you like hot chocolate made with milk? (as opposed to the instant stuff) or a malty hot milk drink?
    Its just a thought as a way of getting some nourishment thats not food, if you see what I mean. Its also warm and comforting in this awful weather ((((hugs))))

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