Pet Water Bottle Review


I recently purchased the Pet Water Bottle as when out walking with the dogs, they get thirsty from all the running about they do and if I don’t have water with me, Coal will drink out of puddles – YUCK! I literally have to drag him away from them and the second I let go of him he runs back to the puddle and now Tess gas started copying him! I already had a travel bottle for the dogs but it doesn’t hold much water and as it is difficult to pour the unused water back into the bottle, it ends up being discarded, which means I end up running out of water during the walk which in turn means Coal goes back to trying to drink the puddles!

Previous travel bottle

The second problem with the above travel bottle was that both dogs wanted to drink from it at the same time but couldn’t get both their noses in the ‘bowl’ part so would end up spilling it and the last problem was that it leaked in certain positions all in all losing me the water I desperatly needed during the walks.

I came accross the Pet Water Bottle whilst I was looking for a crate water bowl for my foster dogs and liked the look of it immediately. It comes in a number of designs, making it aesthetically pleasing to everyone. It also is available in three sizes – 250ml, 500ml and 750ml, I went for the 750ml as I have two very thirsty dogs and sometimes a foster dog!


It is made from a stainless steel bottle making it free from BPA’s and other harmful chemicals. Due to it being made from the stainless steel it can be used over and over again unlike plastic bottles that eventually seep out chemicals. It has two openings one for drinking from and one for filling and cleaning. The caps are leak resistant as well.

ok so you may be thinking it’s just a stainless steel bottle so what makes it differ from others? Well the opening that the dogs drink from has a stainless steel ball, so when the dog licks it, it releases some water without being too much. It acts like a roller ball on a deoderant.


It also has a handy string so when you open the top it remains attached to the string. On this string is a belt clip so can be attached to either a belt, bag or as I do on my mobility scooter, so hands free carrying, which is important.


Being stainless steel means it is very easy to clean, you just hand wash with warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth and if you are going to store it away you let it air dry first. It is not dishwasher safe and is not to be used for hot liquids or put in the microwave but as its for water this doesn’t affect its usage.


It took a couple of goes for the dogs to work out how to use it, but they both quickly got used to it and now recognise the bottle and come up to me and either nose it or paw at it when they want a drink, and due to no leakage I have enough water for both the dogs and some left over when I get home. It serves it’s purpose extremely well, I’m just surprised nobody thought of it sooner! The puddles in my area are finally safe from Coal!


6 thoughts on “Pet Water Bottle Review

  1. Summers here are hot and humid so maintaining fluids is so important especially when Ray goes on his 2 to 2-1/2hr walks. We bought him a pack pack which can carry a couple of bottles (for balance), his poop bags, treats, and anything else we might need including a collapsible bowl to drink from. It simply folds up so it will slide in a pocket if necessary, and is designed such the “water holding” part seals so it does not leak in your pocket. We of course simply fold it up and put it into his back pack. It all works very well as Ray seems to like having a job to do (carrying stuff!)and there’s enough water for all of us (and we can usually find a water supply to top up if necessary). All in all it works very well.

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  2. I tried a back pack with Tess when she was younger but she kept trying to twist round to get at it or whatever was in it but I might try it again with both of them as they do like having ‘jobs’ plus I’m getting a bit over loaded now! Lol


  3. where did you find the bottles you ordered? i am interested in the smallest one for my show dog in the ring


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