The problems of a baldy dog!

Tess, my female is extremely baldy. Staffies can be a bit baldy around their ears but Tess is baldy round her ears, her chest, her belly and her legs, so much so that I have actually been asked if I shaved her!! She has been like this since she arrived although there has been a very slight improvement which I have put down to her eating properly ( before I had her she was locked in a crate for most of the day and night, even having to toilet and eat in it, but she was fed food for working dogs but had never had a walk in her first 10 months of her life!) and the salmon oil that I add to her food.

Showing off her baldy belly


Being bald has proven to turn up a few issues! Obviously she gets cold when outside so she has to wear a coat


and when we get back from a cold or wet walk she gets her Hotter jumper on. This is a fleece jumper that wicks away moisture from the skin, therefore dries her quicker and keeps her warm

Wearing hotterdog jumper
Wearing hotterdog jumper

. When we are walking in the woods or in the fields her chest gets lots of scratches from the bush branches especially from wild blackberry and raspberry bushes. So to over come this I purchased a child’s fleece snood and cut two leg holes out of it, so when it’s not cold enough for her to wear her coat, I pop the kids snood over her head and put her legs through the holes. This gives enough cover on her chest for it not to get scratched.


The latest problem I have came accross is scabs at the back of her front legs, which is due to her chasing the ball so fast that she skids to a halt using her front legs as brakes resulting in some very sore looking scabs!


This happens when I throw the ball on the grass but when she knocks the ball onto the concrete you can imagine the state her legs are in! I don’t have the heart to stop throwing her favourite toy for her outside and she needs it thrown to expend some of her endless energy. I did some research online and created a design in my head, only to find someone had already designed something very similar but wouldn’t have done what i needed it to as it was made from cotton which would just disintegrate with her skidding. It gave me the template though to help me explain it to the lady that makes their custom fit fleece harnesses ( ) to see if she could make it in a tougher fabric like neoprene. After discussing it with her we decided that the fleece tubes that she uses to make the harnesses, would do the job, cause she thought the neoprene would restrict Tess’s movement too much. As she had previously had a customer with a rescue dog that had got into the habit of chewing his legs and really hurting himself whenever he was left alone and even throughout the night. So she tried using the fleece tubes on him and they worked and stayed up without restricting his movement. This sounded ideal, so she sent me 8 lengths of tubing to cut to size. When they arrived the tube didn’t fit over Tess’s paws so I unstitched one end, and worked out that if I put velcro on the opened end that I could wrap that end round the top of her legs where the scabs are and secure with velcro then bring the unopened end up over her neck and attach to another length of tube and repeat with the other leg. Once I have done this, I have some leather off cuts that I will sew onto the fleece wrapped round her leg for added strength, like an elbow patch. Failing this working I could unstick the tube the full length a sew velcro all the way down to wrap it around the leg then stitch either pop fastness or velcro to her harness and the top of the tube to keep them from falling down. I will update with photos of the finished design and let you know if it works! Fingers crossed it does or it will be back to the drawing board as she needs something to protect her legs!


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