Pawpost Valentine’s box review

The Valentine’s Pawpost box was full of love-ly items. This month there was two toys, 3 treats and a paw wax.

Tess having a nosy!


The first toy was a rope in the shape of a heart called good Karma rope toys by Jac and Bones ( )and is classed as serious chewer. It is made from AZO free, vegetable dyed rope which naturally frays to act like dental floss fir your dog. It has been tested in the USA for pup safety and is Eco friendly. Not only is it very well made and non toxic but with every item bought from this company, they donate 10% of the proceeds to help rescue and animal welfare groups. The company has been doing this since 2003.


The second toy is a cyber rubber dental bone made by Rosewood ( )This large rubber bone cleans the dogs teeth and massages the gums. It is made from non toxic rubber and helps prevent plaque and tartar build up. Tess has a slight overbite on her top jaw and the vet has told me that she will act like she’s teething for her whole life so toys that help massage her gums are fantastic for her, so this toy will be one of her favourites and will be very good for puppies newly cutting their teeth. Many health problems stem from poor oral hygiene so playing with toys that help, alongside brushing their teeth regularly will help with bad dog breath, gingivitis and periodontal gum disease.


The paw wax is called Paw Amour and is made by Healthy Mutt. It comes in a lovely heart shaped tin and is a great size to carry with you. I have a paw wax already but it is in a larger tin (size of a shoe polish tin) so isn’t as easy to fit in your pocket so have only been able to use it prior to going a walk, which is fine unless there has been snow, ice or rain as it comes off, so could do with a reapplication during the walk. Which I will be able to do from now on. Paw wax moisturises and helps prevent split pads. I use it most during the winter months as the grit that the council put down to melt the ice has a heavy salt content in it which really aggravates the dogs paws, especially if they have cracks or splits on the pads. This new law wax is natural and cruelty free and consists of coconut oil, almond oil, olive butter and beeswax and that’s all. The tin is a great size to fit their paws in.


The the first lot of treats is from The Little Barker Bakery ( ) which make handmade dog treats. The one that I received were Apple, oat and honey hearts. They are wheat and gluten free and were demolished quickly by my dogs!


Then there was the Valentine’s bones from Tribal ( ) called Sweetheart dog treats. These are Turkey and flaxseed flavour and made from human grade ingredients – gluten free flour, turkey, olive oil, flaxseed and rosemary extract, so all natural. They are wheat and gluten free, veterinary approved, nothing artificial and made in the UK. Flaxseed is extremely good for the heart and of course the dogs loved them!


And last sat but by no means least was the dried liver treats from Beautiful Joes ( ) I have received these treats in a few previous Pawpost boxes but for 2015 they will be including a pack in each box every month. They have partnered up with Beautiful Joes as every time you buy a packet of treats from them, they give the same quantity to a canine rescue home and they also donate 1% of sakes to Compassion in Workd Farming. The treats are 100% natural, air dried, pure liver and because of the size of the treats are ideal to use whilst training.


so all in all another huge hit with the dogs, they love when their Pawpost box arrives and I love that not only are mine getting toys and treats butPawpost also donates to Pup Aid so we are helping other dogs in need as well! The items that are in the Pawpost boxes are Eco friendly, non toxic, natural and extremely hard to find, making it well worth it in my eyes!



4 thoughts on “Pawpost Valentine’s box review

  1. The product name Beautiful Joe’s raised my eyebrows a little. There was a book “Beautiful Joe” written by Marshall Saunders in 1893. Apart from the rather dated language used, it is a fascinating book about a rescued dog, and written from the perspective of the dog. I hope the company acknowledges the origin of its name.

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