Marley has gone HOME! Final foster update

well that is Marley away to his new home, 1 day shy of being with me for 5 weeks. The last update he was going to spend an overnight visit with his new family but their own dog and Marley didn’t get on with each other whilst in the house, even though they had been getting better with each other with every visit. I think as Marley had been deprived of human company whilst he was stray and in kennels, that he wanted all the human interaction going and wasn’t best pleased when their own dog was getting attention! You can’t blame him really! So the following day they sent me a message saying that unfortunately it wasn’t going to work out with Marley and they would bring him back to me that day. When he was brought back there was a lot of tears as the humans had fallen for him but understandably couldn’t put their dog Ziggy through it as the whole reason they were looking for another dog was to give Ziggy a friend, and that either wasn’t going to be Marley or would have taken a lot of time and patience to overcome. We were all gutted but it just wasn’t to be. They bought him a lovely new lead and matching collar and were kind enough to leave it with him.

New collar
image image

I let Staffie Smiles Rescue know the outcome of the overnight stay and they said they would work hard to find Marley a new home. Less than 12 hours later they had found him a home with 2 children and no other pets which sounded ideal. So transport was arranged to take him to his new home the following Saturday, so I had just under a week left with him.

During that week Marley came out of his shell more. We went 1 1/2 hour walk, with me on my mobility scooter, and Marley wanted to run the entire way! Every time I slowed the scooter down he would turn and look at me as if to say come on, and would start running again – a far cry from the plod a long that first arrived at my house! In fact the only time he stopped running was when we came accross a male and female duck in the field which intrigued him greatly but he just stood and stared at them for ages, then started running again!

Watching the ducks

Watching the ducks walk away

The ducks!
He also started playing with toys more and on the Saturday he was getting picked up to go to his new home, I was organising his things and putting them in a bag for him, but he started taking the toys out of the bag and playing with them. I Think he ended up taking only one whole toy with him! All the rest had had a good chew, even the monkey that he used as a pillow lost its arm!


It it was as if he knew it was his last day with me, the way he wrecked his toys! I got smothered in kisses from him most of the day as well!


I got got a wee update from his new owners and they are very impressed by him. They have been a walk along the beach across from them and he’s had loads of cuddles from the two kids who he was very gentle with and they also sent this photo of Marley chillaxing on his new sofa!


He looks very contented! I am so pleased for this wee man, it sounds like he’s going to have a fab future in front of him, like every animal should have. And to think that this wee boy would not be alive today had it not been for Staffie Smiles Rescue saving him from death row! I have thoroughly enjoyed my (almost) 5 weeks with him and do glad that I was able to help him, in a small way, to find his forever home, and I do miss him as do Coal and Tess who keep looking round the house for him, when we come back from walks, but it makes it a lot easier knowing that he has a loving family and sounds like he’s setling in well there and loving getting all the attention. He probably hasn’t thought of us once since he left! I now have space to help another dog coming out of a bad situation!


If you live in Scotland and would like to adopt a Staffordshire bull terrier then please take a look at this website – or if you can’t commit to adopting a Staffie why not think about fostering or the many other ways you can help either by volunteering, transportation, fundraising or donating either money or items to your local rescue centre. You will find out about the different ways you can help on the same website or by contacting your local shelter.
Harley Update 

It’s been 6 months almost since Marley left my home to start his new life and start his new life.  I recently was sent this photo and thought I’d share it with you all. Marley is happy and settled with his new family I am so pleased for this lovely little boy that he’s found his happy ever after. His name has reverted to Harley as well. Here he is being walked by the youngest member of the family, but then he was always fantastic on the lead 



3 thoughts on “Marley has gone HOME! Final foster update

  1. What a lovely ending. The changes you noted over the time Marley was with you replicate exactly what we experienced with Ray. It is so rewarding to see that anxious, reticent/withdrawn and subdued personality slowly change as the “real” dog shows itself! Wonderful story ……….. and I am looking forward to hearing about your next “guest”!

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  2. Oh wow! I have tears in my eyes. What a wonderful conclusion for him. I will miss him too, I think.
    You are an amazing foster mum, Vicky. You worked wonders on Marley. There really should be more people like you in the world xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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