Road Refresher Dog water bowl review


I was recently looking for a water bowl to put in to the dog crate so that when I was out the dog in the crate still had access to water. As it is for the crate it had to be spill resistant so that the dog bed didn’t get wet and had to attach to the crate bars so it didn’t get knocked over when the dog was moving around the crate. I have to say there are quiet a few on the market, all with similar claims, but the one that stood out for me was the Road Refresher bowl, even though it was one of the more expensive ones available, and I can see why!

The Road Refresher non spill water bowl is made by Prestige Pet Products and is British designed. It also won the Editors Choice Awards, from Pet Product News in 2009. Not only is it a non spill bowl but also reduces slobber by up to 90%! It was first shown on the television programme Dragons Den.

Maker of the bowl
Maker of the bowl

It can be used in the home or in the car as it has Velcro feet to keep it in place in the car or if using it in the house you are supplied with extra Velcro feet which stick to the floor then you place the bowl feet on top of the Velcro stuck to the floor to stop it sliding about the place.

Velcro feet to prevent being knocked over
Velcro feet to prevent being knocked over

first you have the bowl which comes in a variety of colours ( pink, blue, green and cream ) as the crate is in my livingroom I went for the cream one to match the carpet! Lol. The bowl comes in two sizes small, which holds 0.6 litres and the large which holds 1.4 Litres of water, it also has a maximum fill line, so once you have filled it with water to this line you then put the middle layer on which is a curved bowl with holes around the centre and foam around the base so it floats,  then push it down so it is just under the water level, this is what reduces the slobber as it stops their muzzles getting wet, causing wet floors after they drink. You then pop the top layer of the bowl on, the black section, this just pushes on and is slanted so any water that does drip is redirected back into the bowl. Both of these extra layers helps prevent spillage and drool.

Middle and top layers reduce slobber
Middle and top layers reduce slobber

I had heard and seen this bowl before but as I have the pet drinking fountain and a travel bottle for the car, I never required it, although I always thought it looked well made and was a great design! Now they have just produced a bracket to fit the bowl to the crate bars so it is an ideal solution for what I needed and if I’m going a longer car journey with the dogs, say to the beach then this is much more practical than the travel bottle I currently use as it doesn’t hold much water and only one dog can drink from it at a time so this new bowl will become dual purpose.

Bracket for crate
Bracket for crate

The bracket is extremely easy to fit and requires no tools to do so, you just slip the bracket up the side of the water bowl, then pop the hooks over the desired bar of the crate, then put the two supplied pins through the holes in the hooks to keep it secure and its that easy!

Large cream bowl
Large cream bowl

So in summation I give this 5/5! I can’t think of anything that would improve on this design and it does everything it claims, both Tess and my foster dog Marley both slobber after drinking but not with this bowl making it perfect for crates, to prevent dog beds getting wet and great for not having wet kitchen floors after they’ve had a drink. I haven’t used it in the car yet but have seen nothing to convince me that it wouldn’t be as great in the car for long journeys.

Whilst looking for this product I came accross the Pet Bottle, which I purchased and will do a review of when it arrives, but it is an aluminium water bottle with a roller ball at the top so dogs can drink out of the bottle. I got this to take on walks with me as Coal has a penchant for drinking out of puddles if I haven’t taken water with me or have ran out as with the water bottle I have, there is a lot of water wastage as it pours into a tray then you have to throw the leftover water away as it won’t go back into the bottle so I always run out half way through the walk from discarding the water they left in the tray section. So this new bottle should solve that problem, but I will let you know.


2 thoughts on “Road Refresher Dog water bowl review

  1. Question: Given the various design features, how easy is it to give a thorough cleaning between refills? We use a stainless steel open “bucket” which hooks onto the cage side and, while there are minor slobbering issues, it is so easy to scrub out. Thx.

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