Harley is now Marley!

Harleys new owners have decided to change his name to Marley as it goes better with his new brothers name which is Ziggy. Marley seems to prefer his new name as he reacts a lot quicker when called, so his unknown previous name may have started with an ‘M’.

This is not the only big change that has occurred since my last update. Marley went to the vets on Tuesday for his castration operation, to get microchipped, vaccinations and flea/worming treatment. Whilst he was there he got a full check over as well, which resulted in his front left Jew claw being cut. I dropped Marley at the vets at 9am and was told to phone at 12pm to see how he was and then arrange a pick up appointment between 5pm-6pm. So when I got home from dropping him at the vets, I took my two a walk then got back and started playing with them, when my phone rang. When I answered it my heart was in my throat when the caller identified themselves as the vet receptionist, as automatically I thought something had went wrong! Thankfully I was mistaken and the operation was routine, they were phoning because he was getting himself so stressed in the recuperation kennel that they said I could pick him up at 11.45am as they close between 12-3pm. A nurse sat beside Marley in the kennel to keep him calm until I got there, I am so glad my vets love staffies and everyone that is employed there has at least one staffy at home, so they understand the breed. Staffies are usually the loudest breed after operations, they love to sing!

Playing with my two whilst Marley was at vets
Playing with my two whilst Marley was at vets

When I got Marley home he was feeling very sorry for himself and extremely subdued. He’s a typical ‘ill’ male – such a baby! He was crying on and off for the rest of the day, refused to go a walk ( which I expected) and wouldn’t eat his dinner so I had to pick out the chicken and hand feed him that, then he ate some homemade treats. He just wanted to be close to me and get cuddles. I kept my dogs seperated from Marley for the first day so that he wasn’t getting stressed. He went in his crate, as he feels safe in there and he allowed my two to sniff him through the crate bars, they were nose to nose and no grumbling! That night I was tucking him in and every time I got up to leave the room, to go to bed, he pawed at me, something he has never done. I didn’t have the heart to leave him by himself so I lay next to him all night but didn’t get a wink of sleep as every time I was about to nod off, Marley started trembling and licking my face for comfort! Just as well that due to my pain levels waking me up throughout the night, I am used to getting a maximum of two hours sleep so I didn’t feel too bad the next day, well not much worse than usual, and I managed to get an hours sleep the following day when all the dogs were asleep.


Marley hasn’t been one for eating breakfast since he has been with me, every time I put it down to him he would eat a tiny mouthful then walk away and when I lifted the bowl to his mouth he’d take an even smaller mouthful just to please me then walk away. I tried him with soft meat with and without dry meal, tuna with and without dry biscuits but nothing enticed him to eat……until I gave him scrambled eggs which he demolishes along with the biscuits! He likes when I add in some pancetta or grate cheese over the top! The morning after the vets, Marley ate scrambled egg, bacon and cheese, so his appetite was back – though it never left where treats were concerned! Lol I managed to sneak in his worming tablet into the scrambled egg, then I put his flea treatment onto the back of his neck as it would have been too much in one day for him to get it all done so I was to administer these treatments the day after his operation. He has to go back to the vets to get his stitches checked on Monday, then return in 2-3 weeks for his second lot of vaccinations.

The following day Marley still refused to go a walk, he wouldn’t lift his paw to go in the harness and stuck it to the floor like glue when I tried to lift it! Even to get him to go out in the garden required the use of his slip lead! This could be due to the pain after the operation or because there had been a fresh snowfall, which he doesn’t like or maybe a combination of both. He refused to go both walks anyway and started trembling so I just left him and gave him cuddles. In the garden he did a quick toilet then rushed back to the door to get inside! Marley won’t push the door open like Coal and Tess do, instead he waits for you to open the door for him. Now just got to work on him letting humans through the door/garden gate before he goes through. Typical staffy wants to be in front with both going through the door and being in front of the other dogs on a walk.

Coal and Tess playing in the fresh snow
Marley wanting back inside

We haven’t been doing much training since the vets either,  as he has seemed in too much pain. Marley only jumped up on the couch last night for the first time since the operation so he must of started to feel a bit better. He went to sleep by himself last night which meant I got to go to my bed, then this morning when I got up, Marley was running around the livingroom tossing his chew from yesterday up in the air, and he went into the garden without me having to coax him out wearing the slip lead, but when his harness came out he ran away! I’m going to try him again soon to see if we can even manage just a 10 minute walk to get him back into a routine of walking. He has certainly perked up today and is almost back to himself.

The day following the vet visit, the dogs treats that I bought on ebay were delivered, which was perfect timing! I had purchased 1kg each of pork strips, black pudding sausages and pig spaghetti (which is the pigs intestines – nice eh?!) but with hindsight I should have got 2kg of the pig spaghetti and left the pork strips as all the dogs much prefer it to the point of refusing the pork strip in favour of the spaghetti. I also made some liver and cheese treats for them so treats are sorted for a while!


Pork strips
Pork strips
Black pudding sausages
Black pudding sausages
Pig spaghetti
Pig spaghetti

Marley has been extremely good at not licking his Jew claw or dissolvable stitches, so had no need for an Elizabethan (cone) collar, which is good news as my two would have been very interested in that, having never seen one before on another dog. Coal was wearing one when I first met him after his cataract operations, due to him being blind from birth, but it’s different wearing one to seeing one on another dog, as they don’t have mirrors so can’t see what they look like wearing one. Also I don’t think Marley would have been too happy wearing it either.

well that’s me for just now as I’m determined to get this boy a walk today even if it’s just a short one, so wish me luck!

If you have a staffy shaped hole in your life and live in Scotland please check out all the lovely staffies available here – www. Staffiesmilesrescue.com where you will also find an online adoption form, that you can fill out. If you live outside Scotland, unfortunately there are plenty of staffies in rescues worldwide and the make awesome family dogs, please don’t write them off because the media has misinformed you. As with getting any new pet, do your research on the breed first as owning a dog is a lifetime commitment.


3 thoughts on “Harley is now Marley!

  1. Glad to hear that Marley’s ordeal is over. Our Ray came to us with Stage 2 Heartworm, the treatment for which is 3 deep muscle injections (lower back) of an arsenic based compound. Watching an approx 2″ needle being pushed into his muscle was bad enough, but being on the receiving end????? Poor Ray was crying so much as he tried to get comfortable the rest of the day but couldn’t. The other 2 injections were only done after a painkiller had been given. Didn’t you just want to give him a big hug and get him back to normal?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vicky!! You haven’t been showing up in my Reader for some weird reason, so I came to find you 🙂 I’ve been missing my Marley updates and wondering how you are. So glad I looked now.
    Bless him, its such an ordeal for them, isnt it. He really loves you, doesn’t he. That’s an amazing bond you have with him.
    I’m glad he’s recovered quite quickly. Scrambled eggs lol
    ((((hugs)))) to all of you xx

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