Harley – 2 weeks in foster

Can’t believe it is 2 weeks already since I first met Harley but on the other hand I feel I’ve known him longer! There has been good improvement in these two weeks, he is such an intelligent dog.

When he first arrived, his face was sore from chewing the kennel bars, the edges of his lips had large scabs and were swollen so he was on a course of strong antibiotics and his lips have healed nicely. His front left Jew claw was opened up at the base, this was healing until he opened it back up during a walk, so trying to stop him licking at it so it gets a chance to heal. I have been cleaning it with medi scrub and putting a baby sock on him to cover it with some vet wrap to hold the sock on. He gives me his paw to do this so knows I am trying to help him, such a sweet boy.

Harley has been booked in to see the vet this coming Tuesday where he will get neutered, microchipped, vaccinations, worming & flea treatments. Whilst he is under anaesthetic the vet will check him over and might be able to give a more accurate age by checking his teeth, as his lips were too sore to check his teeth fully the last time he was at the vets.

The biggest change in the last two weeks is on walks. When he first came he wasn’t too bothered about going walks and I’m sure he only did it to please me! He only wanted to go short walks and after 20 minutes was trying to jump onto my mobility scooter. I gradually increased the time of each walk we went and he managed a two hour walk, he was stiff that night but was back to normal the next day. He now gets excited about going a walk when I put his harness on which he didn’t before. During the walks, running is becoming more of a regular occurrence but only when he’s out with Tess and Coal as he sees them running around. He is still happy with a 20 minute walk in fact he’s happy for any length of walk now. Chasing a ball or frizbee outside is not on his repertoire yet, he shows no interest at all apart from the first time the toy gets thrown where he will half heartedly chase it then walk away from it once he’s touched it with his nose but after that first time it doesn’t get looked at again! I’m pleased that he is using his nose more whilst out walking, he doesn’t sniff whilst walking but when you stop its a while before you get moving again as he will smell the same spot for five minutes! It’s great to see him being a bit more dog.

Inside the house he is trying to get the hang off playing but throwing the ball results in him chasing it then chewing it to shreds! As I said before he is a very intelligent dog and loves the brain training games the only problem is that he works them out so quickly! He sits and waits for you to fill the games with treats until you tell him to get it but it doesn’t take him long to complete them. Even the first time I put them down for him it was less than 2 minutes until he had retrieved all the treats from them. With the green Kong treat toy he cheated and chewed the edge off so the treats would fall out easier! He doesn’t swallow the chewed off bit instead spits it out so it pings across the room! He worked out extremely quickly that if he turns over the Kong treat toy the treats come out faster than chewing at it!

Chewed Kong treat toy

Chewed Kong treat toy
Waiting for ‘get it’ command

image image image image image image image image image

If you would like to share your home with a stunning staffy like Harley please have a look on this website, if you live in Scotland where you will find information on all the staffies in their care and an online adoption form – http://www.staffiesmilesrescue.co.uk If you live outside Scotland there are plenty of staffies in rescues worldwide, they make great family pets and are extremely loyal, loving and usually great with kids, please don’t overlook them because of what the media wrongfully says about them. It’s not the breed but the owner, no animal is born bad they are taught xx


5 thoughts on “Harley – 2 weeks in foster

  1. Love your constant support of Staffies. It is so sad that those (and other breeds) often pay with their lives for the stupidity/irresponsibility of their owners. Of course the media is not exactly helping their image by “jumping on” every vicious dog story without bothering to research the circumstances. Keep it up!

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    1. We have the same issue with Rottweilers and Pitbulls. Unfortunately, the media creates what will sell, and (sadly) the general public seem to want this. There are some serious perspective issues with current society.

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  2. You really have worked wonders with him 😀
    I wonder if his chewing of things relates to something from when he was a puppy? A wild guess, sorry. I like dogs but because I am hugely allergic to them I’ve never had one 😦

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  3. It used to be Rottweilers here but then the media moved on to staffies unfortunately pitties are banned in the UK 😦
    The chewing could be from a puppy especially if he didn’t have toys but staffies are hard chewers anyway and it’s difficult to find a toy that lasts them anytime at all but Harley is a stronger chewer than either Coal or Tess as he’s slightly bigger than them. He doesn’t chew anything other than toys/treats (and his kennel bars!) xx


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