Harley update foster day 12

Just a quick update today on how we got on with the new long line training lead and last nights walk. I had got the long line lead yesterday to practice recall and see if Harley would play fetch with a ball outside. So off we went loaded up with a ball, frizbee and lots of treats! We went to an enclosed field and I tried to get Harley interested in the ball before throwing it but to no avail, I threw the ball and it caught Harley’s attention so he ran (well, almost) after it, circled it then walked away so I kicked it for him but the same thing happened. He was more interested in all the new smells as we haven’t been to that field before now. I am happy that he is using his nose more though. I then tried the same with the frizbee but this engaged even less interest!

I moved on to the recall training, but every time I backed away from him he followed! I couldn’t gain enough distance to recall so I did the training by just taking one step back and calling him, he came the first couple of times but as he wouldn’t let me take a second step back without coming closer to me, he got bored very quickly and wandered off for a sniff! So we will keep working on this, just taking it in small steps.

On the return journey home, I leaned over to pick up a poo, which Harley had done, next to a boulder. Whilst I was leaning over the scooter seat, Harley jumped up onto the boulder to give me a kiss on the cheek! What a little sweetheart this dog is!


If you have been reading my previous updates on Harley you will know that he has been turning his nose up at breakfast, even with food I know he loves! He takes a tiny mouthful then walks away, so I pick his bowl up and he would look at me and force himself to take another tiny tiny mouthful as if he’s doing it to make me happy then walks away again. That is until this morning, when I gave him dog biscuits, scrambled eggs, bacon and some grated cheese on top. Needless to say it got devoured! So he’s been having me on all this time, pretending he has no appetite in the morning, he just wants the good stuff, the wee monkey!

In about 45 minutes, Harley has a visitor coming to meet him and introduce her dog to Harley, so fingers crossed the dogs like each other, I will update later on how the meeting went.

If you have a Harley shaped hole in your life and would love to offer this brilliant dog his forever home, please check out this website, where you will find more information on Harley and all the other staffies in their care, and the adoption form, which can be completed online – http://www.staffiesmilesrescue.co.uk


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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