Harley update foster day 11


Harley is getting used to longer walks now and not trying to jump in the footwell of the scooter anymore! A couple of days ago all four of us went a 2 hour walk, whereas when I first got him 20 minutes was his limit! In that 2 hours, Harley actually ran!! He ran three times during that walk all short bursts but he ran instead of his usual plodding! He loves going walks with Coal and Tess and still prefers to walk in the middle of them both. I think Tess and Coal had more to do with Harley running than either me or Harley did! When we got back home Harley ate half a treat then fell asleep, totally knackered from his walk! and slept the rest of the night. He was a bit stiff so I helped him up onto the couch and he never moved the remainder of the night.

Yesterday Harley wouldn’t go a walk by himself and even getting him to go in the garden was a struggle as he took one look at the snow falling and retreated back to his bed! Funny he doesn’t mind the rain but refuses to go out in the snow until later on anyway when we were all going a walk then he got excited. It wasn’t snowing when I eventually got him to go a walk but the snow had lay and was a few inches deep but as Tess and Coal were going out a walk Harley didn’t seem to mind the snow under his paws!

They had great fun running around with each other tangling up their leads! It was lovely to see them all enjoying themselves so much. The walk was full of fun. After around 45 minutes Harley started lagging behind but every time I turned to check on him, he would speed up just to please me, such a darling boy. On the return journey, as we were nearing the house a black Labrador, off lead, came charging towards Tess and Coal, who were in front of my mobility scooter whilst Harley was pulling up the rear, plodding behind my scooter. The black lab came right up to Coal and Tess and started barking in their face until Harley came round from behind my scooter and gave a couple of warning barks to the lab, no lungeing, just barking to warn the lab off which it did. Even though he doesn’t interact with Coal or Tess much in the house, he still wanted to protect them! He does interact with them both outside on walks and in the garden but not at all really indoors, this might be because he is exhausted from his new walking regime, as he sleeps a lot inside.

It shows that he is settling down more that he feels he should protect my two. After they had their dinner and after dinner treats, Harley lay down touching Coal and they both fell asleep for a bit, for the first time.

Today Harley’s new training line lead arrived, so I will be able to practice recall out on our walks together and see if I can encourage him to chase a ball outside. He hasn’t shown the slightest interest in a ball outside yet but I couldn’t throw the ball very far as he was on lead, so I will try now that this long line lead has came. I will also take a larger ball and a frisbee to see if he prefers to play with them on a walk. Also now this lead is here it means that I can let Harley run about with Tess and Coal more when we go our group walks, which will really tire Harley out!

Harley has another visitor coming to see him tomorrow morning and to introduce him to her male staffy, so fingers crossed that the dogs like each other this time!


If you think you have space on your sofa for this amazing dog, please take a look at the following website for more information on Harley and all the other staffies in their care, you will also be able to fill out an adoption form online. The website is – http://www.staffiesmilesrescue.co.uk



One thought on “Harley update foster day 11

  1. It’s so nice to hear that he is settling in. If Ray’s preference is anything to go by …… Fetch is a lot easier with a frisbee than with a ball. It would appear to be all about comfort/fit in the mouth!

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