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Pawpost is a monthly box for dogs containing a mixture of surprises each time usually consisting of two toys, two treats and either a supplement or grooming product. The box has five different things each month, all made from the most natural/organic, environmentally kind, non toxic, high end  items available in the dog market today.

Pawpost contents this month (January)
Pawpost contents this month (January)

Pawpost donate £1 from every box sold, to Pup Aid. Pup Aid was founded by tv vet Marc Abraham and are striving to ban the sale of young puppies and kittens unless their mothers are present and raising awareness of the cruel practice of puppy and kitten farming. For more info or to support this important campaign can be found here –

I first found out about Pawpost through Groupon, when they were offering the box for half price as an introductory offer. I plan to start reviewing the items in the box each month on this blog so if interested keep an eye out for those under ‘Reviews’.

Anyway all of this that I have outlined above is their company profile, what makes them so pawsome do I hear you ask, or is that a pin drop I hear, as the tumbleweed rolls by?! Lol

This is why they are more pawsome than usual, that they deserve special thanks this month. To explain this I will start with what happened with my Christmas box… Christmas box got sent out as normal, but when I opened it one of the items had broken. It was a clear bauble for the Christmas tree filled with quality dog treats but the tin of Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Dinner dog food had broken the bauble and as I thought it was a cute idea, I messaged Pawpost and they sent me a replacement bauble and treats, which was very nice of them. Anyway that’s the background to the current months story. This month, I received two Pawpost boxes over two days by mistake as I only ordered and paid for one. I contacted Pawpost and came to the conclusion that they had put my address on the delivery sheet twice so the replacement bauble was sent but then it wasn’t amended so rolled onto this month hence being sent the box twice.

I am an honest person so messaged Pawpost immediately to tell them and the reply I got said that I should keep the box to  give to my two dogs or if I didn’t want it, to donate it to an animal charity. I then told them that I had just started fostering Harley and as he was a stray had no toys of his own, they replied quickly saying that they would be delighted to give the extra box to Harley this month since he is such a special pup! How amazing of them is that?!

Harley is just starting to learn how to play with a ball so isn’t much interested in the toys at the moment, but if I throw the ring he will run pick it up and carry it about for a minute then drops it and walks away, and the monkey toy is being used as a pillow but he will learn and even if he doesn’t at least he knows now he has something of his own again.

Harley using his monkey as a pillow
Harley using his monkey as a pillow


This months box also contained NOM Tea infused treats ‘for the poshest of pooches’. These biscuits are oven baked in the UK, wheat & gluten free,high meat content – post bake, no artificial colours or preservatives, caffeine free – infused with herbal tea supplied from Woof and Brew. The herbal tea consists of ‘a blend of Devils Claw, Lime flower, Skullcap, Orange flower, Astralagus, Lavender and Rose petals to offer a natural calmant and digestive aid for dogs with a more refined palate!’ The calming properties are just what Harley needs after the stress of kennels.

NOM Tea infused treats
NOM Tea infused treats

A refill pack (we got the tin in a previous box) of Beautiful Joes Liver treats which are completely natural and made from 100% British meat and this company donates half its revenue to animal shelters!

Beautiful Joes Livertreats
Beautiful Joes Livertreats

And last, but by no means least was the Vets Kitchen Healthy Skin Supplement. The supplement is delivered in a delicious, all natural, chicken sauce and is ideal for maintaining the health of your dogs skin, which is also perfect for Harley to help his coat after being stressed in the kennels and will help his skin heal on his face, that he damaged in kennels.

Healthy Skin Supplement
Healthy Skin Supplement
Vet Kitchen Chicken sauce
Vet Kitchen Chicken sauce

So a HUGE thank you to all the team at Pawpost, not just for supporting Pup Aid and supplying quality dog products every month but for making Harley’s day – he just light up when I gave him the toys even though he doesn’t have much of a clue what to do with them yet, he knows they are his

I did not receive any of the above items in exchange for writing a review/ promotion of the company. If you would like to find out more about Pawpost you can find it here – Facebook – PawPost/ Twitter – #PawPosting Harley recommends them and so do Coal and Tess!


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    1. He’s getting the hang of playing with a ball the last 2 days, and he has 2 people coming to meet him this coming week so I’ll only have him for another 2-3 weeks! Great news but I’ll miss him xx

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