Harley – foster day 5

Harley is much more relaxed today and has even started playing! He didn’t like Coal and Tess playing as I think he thought they were fighting, so after getting some advice, I closed Harley in the livingroom via a baby gate, then played ball with Coal and Tess in the hall so Harley could watch. He watched them twice then I threw a ball for him and off he trotted, retrieved the ball and started chewing it! He is now happily lieing on ‘his’ couch watching Tess play with a ball. This amazingly fast progress is proof of how intelligent this dog is.

Every day more and more of his personality is shining through. I had thought he just didn’t like too much excitement going on around him, like my two playing or Coals barking but last nights walk showed me different. We were walking back home and passed a garden with a 6 foot fence and a dog running along the fence barking, Harley got scared and ran (well as much as he does run!) past the garden. I think the barking must remind him of being in kennels.

During Coal and Tess playing in the hall, Coal started barking because Tess got the ball before him which started Harley barking but no lungeing this time, he was wanting in on the play which is when I threw the ball for him. He really had a good chew on the ball, which was great to see.

His sore wee face is healing well and he will be finished his antibiotics tomorrow (Saturday) morning.


Surprisingly, I found out today, Harley doesn’t mind the rain! I say surprisingly as every staffie I have ever known HATES the rain, it’s like they think they are going to melt into dog shaped puddles! Tess is especially bad for this and will refuse to go out even in the garden, but it’s the look she gives me as if it’s my fault it’s raining, that has me in stitches. I read on the Internet that it isn’t the getting wet that they don’t like but the noise as the low clouds make noises reverberate, whilst this might be true for some, with Tess she hates being wet! Not Harley though, it didn’t bother him in the slightest and because he went out in the rain it encouraged Tess to do the same! First time for everything lol

I said earlier that Harley had ‘his’ couch and I just want to clarify that although it is his chosen spot, he has no objections to Coal or Tess jumping up beside him but until 10 minutes ago, they haven’t lay beside each other. Tess jumped up they sniffed each other then Tess lay down beside him, it didn’t last long but it’s progress.

It’s great that they are all learning things from each other and is a privilege to watch. He is more chilled again today and was rolling on his back and let Tess and Coal sniff him. This was a very vulnerable position that he was in, but passed without any problem. He lay on his back for a few minutes, smiling at me upside down whilst they sniffed him as if he’d always done it.

When I have gave them a chew each, I was putting Harley’s in his crate and leaving the door open for him, but he always remained in his crate until everyone had finished their chews. However yesterday he came out while Tess was still eating hers, he never paid any attention to her or the treat until she walked away from it. Later on Tess went back to her chew and Harley and Coal had finished theirs so I thought there might of been a bit of jealousy as he didn’t have one but he didn’t bother at all! Like he understood he’d already had his one earlier – Tess doesn’t think like that!

I bought a long line training lead for him yesterday so I can try throwing a ball for him outside and to work on his recall a tad as its a bit hit or miss just now whether he wants to come or not, the majority of the time he does so won’t need much work as he picks things up very quickly. I also got him a doggy neck tie to take some nice valentines photos of him wearing it for Facebook so he will look very dapper like the wee gentleman he is! Lol. Sorry no sneak previews, you’ll have to wait until Valentine’s Day, if I still have him then!

If you have a Harley shaped space on your sofa, please read the adoption rules and fill out the adoption form online at http://www.staffiesmilesrescue.co.uk


2 thoughts on “Harley – foster day 5

  1. Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! Ray is very “reserved” about going out if bad weather is forecast so it is possible that dogs can pick up on changing air pressure? That may be the situation with your “guy”. Also may be worth mentioning that Ray is good on recall if you have his attention, but if he’s focused on something else (typically a squirrel), then forget it. Not wanting him to learn to ignore us, we made sure that we had eye contact before giving him a command. As you are probably aware, a key part of training a dog is to set him up for success (so that he gets his treat) so getting his attention first can make life so much easier!.

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  2. Our Staffie hates the rain too!!

    When we find ourselves out and caught in a downpour she will either crawl under bushes and refuse to come out, or try climb into our waterproofs! She’s also a rescue, we picked her up as a 10 week old puppy and haven’t looked back 🙂


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