Being ill sucks!

No-one likes being ill or vomiting but when your taking time release medication and in pain normally, it’s even less fun!

The medication isn’t the only problem, but it’s where I will start. I take M.S.T which is morphine that is released over a 12 hour period. So when I’m vomiting they obviously don’t stay down which is agony for my back as without pain relief I can’t walk. Not only that, vomiting up medication is horrible you get an acid taste in your mouth that just won’t go away. Also if/when do you take more as you could get into trouble from the Doctor because it is a controlled drug?

To top all of this off wrenching to vomit without pain relief is extreme agony you end up screaming, crying and vomiting all at once and you have to bring a basin through beside where your lieing as there is no physical way that I would be able to reach the bathroom in time especially when your throwing up every 10-15 minutes for 24 hours – I’d of ended up staying in the bathroom for that time period which would not have done my back any favours!

What got me this time was I was still wretching to vomit when there was nothing left in me, I thought my stomach was going to come up, but also that I vomited for 24 hours exactly to the minute! Must have been either Noro virus or a stomach flu wasn’t nice whatever it was! The other strange thing was that I had woke up fine then later on felt nauseas so thought a lie down would take it away but then it started, out of the blue!

A lot of anti sickness tablets/remedies do not work with my other medications so you just have to ride it out unfortunately. I haven’t vomited since last night but still sweating and freezing at the same time. I’m going to try and eat some soup in a bit as haven’t ate since Saturday morning and hopefully I can keep it down then it’s just the tail end of this illness which all being well I should be back to my ‘normal’ tomorrow hopefully.

Although I may have overdone it with what I have done today – I had a shower, washed bedsheets then clothes, hung up both washings and ate 1/4 bowl of soup and now I feel a bit queasy so just going to chill the rest of today. The dogs are sorted anyway as they had a play date with my friends 2 staffies this morning so are both dropping big ZZZ’ds just now whilst giving me cuddles so that’s my day sorted, just as well with the snow storms going on outside that it was this weekend I was ill, shame I missed out on seeing my aunt and uncle though. Though I do have to be thankful that I am not sick very often I just seem to have made up for it this Winter!

PLEASE NOTE – a friend has just informed me that her Doctor told her to take dry toast and not soup as soup sits in the stomach and can react badly with the stomach acids, especially if you are on morphine or baclofen (I’m on both) she also said toast with a smidge of marmite but I can’t stomach marmite normally, so think I will try a scraping of honey instead!


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