One of the things that has become a side affect of my back problems, is sweating. Something that isn’t really talked about but we all do it. Of course I sweated before my pain started but only if I had exerted myself at the gym, hillwalking, running, figure skating, dancing etc but now I sweat with hardly any exertion in comparison and also in different areas of my body.

Women don’t sweat, they perspire. I wish! I don’t sweat in the usual areas like the underarms, no no, my face sweats – attractive eh?! I don’t even have to move from my chair and my face can start sweating! It is embarrassing and the more embarrassed I get the more I sweat. It starts with my top lip and ends up my whole face and neck, sweat dripping off my face. Now before the pain started, when I went to the gym etc I would sweat but not my face! So why now?

My back is hot to touch (although touch it at your own risk!) all the time and gets hotter as the pain increases or spasms start which must have a knock on on my hypothalamus gland at the back of my neck, which controls body temperature, causing my face to sweat but you would think it would be my underarms as they are also in the same vicinity. As I also have thyroid problems maybe that also has something to do with it although I had my thyroid problems years before the back problems yet my face never sweated then! Whatever the cause it doesn’t help the embarrassment of it and being my face is not something you can hide!

Just something else to add on to the pile that I have to get used to!


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