thought provoking question

Today while browsing through the internet, I came across a question that I had been thinking about something similar earlier – “Can you still be friends if she thinks you are faking your illness?” My first instinct is to say NO for several reasons

1. Illness/pain is such a huge part of my life now that I don’t need the extra stress of trying to convince someone

2. If she thinks I would lie about anything she doesn’t know me as well as I thought, let alone thinking I would lie about something like this

3. Can she not see the pain in my eyes?

but then with further thought on my behalf I went on to think YES because it took me a long time to understand it and I still don’t FULLY understand it myself and I am living with it so how can I expect her to understand immediately (but then she should believe what I’m telling her as there is no reason to lie about it, its not something to be proud of!) She may just need time to process it all and to see over time how debilitated I am by it. It may be that she’s scared and doesn’t want to accept the fact that her, or her friends, life can change so dramatically and suddenly. It is a scary thought!

So rather than cut her out of your life completely, just don’t hang out with her as much in the mean time and see how things unfold, you never know it may strengthen your relationship in the future when she reaches the understanding, and if that time never comes, then remove her from your life. You became friends for a reason and everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

N.B ‘her/she’ are generic words I am using here and is not used with someone in particular in mind!!!


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