Review of my 2014


2014 has been an unusual year with more ups than downs for a change! Since my mobility problems started 9 years ago the years have blended into one with not a lot , if any, positives taking place. Just continual deterioration of my back and leg issues and not much else. Days on end, rolling into one, sitting, staring at the same 4 walls, the only change was which dog was sitting on which side of me (something I will be eternally grateful for as they saw me through some really dark times)

This last year has differed to the extreme I have made some AMAZING friends which is something that has been missing in my life since my back problems started, I used to have lots of friends but they disappeared when I couldn’t do things with them, and it bothered me at the time but I got over it, as you do, and since I wasn’t able to go out and meet new people, either socially or through working, so I came to the conclusion that I was fine without friends – I had my best (and only) friend John, his daughter Sally, my parents and my dogs. Since having made these new friends I now realise how much of a hole was in my life. I am so thankful that I now have these awesome people in my life. Oh and I nearly forgot that with encouragement from one of these said new friends, I got 2 new tattoos this year, something I had meant to do for years but never got round to it. I already had 3 tattoos but had always wanted more visible ones as with my job I had to keep them covered and I have to eek out the positives of my situation now and getting visible tattoos was one of them!

My PIP got sorted out as well this year which meant I could get a more comfortable sofa to sit on to help with my back and since I was changing the sofa I also got a new carpet. I got a dishwasher as well so I don’t need to stand to do the dishes which has a huge impact on my pain levels although to many it won’t sound like much! I got my blue parking badge back too, so on the few occasions that I can make the journey to the shops or hospital appointments that I don’t have to walk as far to reach my destination, which is an immense help.

My dogs have had a happy and healthy year which is always good and I discovered that they walk better on the coupler lead and that they master the brain training games very quickly! Oh and that Coal CAN eat when he wants, he is just very picky but when I find something he likes, he demolishes it!

I wrote a cook book for dogs for a charity to sell full of treat and meal ideas and then a story about fostering for them which lead to me writing a post about living with disabilities and dogs from which I received several requests to write a blog and start a facebook group, both of which I did with the aim to help others in similar situations but what I failed to realise at the time was how much it helped ME to talk about these issues and feelings!


There has been lows as well with the deterioration with my back and spasms occurring more frequently causing higher levels of pain that I have to get used to but it doesn’t weigh so heavily on my mind as I now have more interests in my life due to my friends so I don’t have as much time to dwell on the pain, it doesn’t mean it’s not there always but dwelling on it makes it seem sorer like your on a downward spiral. My mind feels Lighter.

Another couple of pluses on the medical side is that my Doctors are finally playing about with my medication in order to reduce the dosage levels of morphine which is extremely high at present and the fact that an implant to help with chronic back and leg pain is on the horizon and should be available in Scotland very soon (hopefully).

So all in all 2014 was a positive one for me and has set me on a more fruitful path both medically and socially. I had not expected the social side to ever improve so it has been nice to be proven wrong! I hope that 2015 has as many positives in store for me as 2014, and I wish the same for all of you taking the time to read this. Take care of one another and let’s make this year as good as we can for everyone including animals xx



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