Easy Ways to help Charities this Christmas

Charities need our help throughout the year but more so over the Winter and dog charities need extra help not only in Winter because of the increased utility bills due to the cold weather but before and after Christmas there is usually an influx of unwanted/abandoned pets through their doors. Everyone knows the saying ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ that the Dogs Trust coined 36 years ago and used in their advertising, yet still it seems people don’t put it into practice! This much is obvious when you visit a local animal charity and see for yourself that they are bursting at the seams.

Money is tight over the Christmas period for everyone so I have put together a few ideas, some will cost you nothing at all but they will make a difference to the charity receiving them.

EASYFUNDRAISING – when you sign up to http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk any time you shop online with the participating websites, a donation is made to your chosen charity. This costs you nothing more than the price of the item that you would be paying anyway as the website makes the donation.

EASYSEARCH – from the same people as Easyfundraising but donations are made from the website you search for by signing up to http://www.easysearch.org.uk

JUSTGOSEARCH – Similar to Easysearch, whenever you search the web open up http://www.justgosearch.com first then search via them and they donate to animal charities, so again costs you nothing. Twitter name – @justgosearch

STAMPS – save all your used stamps over Christmas (and throughout the year) as a lot of charities can exchange the used stamps for money, again free for you.

MOBILE PHONES – if you are replacing your mobile phone some charities will recycle your old phone to raise funds

INK CARTRIDGES – most old printer ink cartridges (except Epson) can also be recycled by charities as well.

FOSTERING – Even if it is just for over the Christmas period, when the charity are not re-homing and the charity pays for the animals expenses.

DOG WALKING – Charities can struggle to maintain the number of active volunteers they have, so if you have a spare couple of hours I am sure they would really appreciate any help you can give to them.

DONATIONS – Any donations either financial or of bedding, food, blankets, toys or treats are always greatly appreciated. If you are going to donate, it is a good idea to phone up your local rescue charity and ask them what they need so they don’t end up with 20 beds and no food!

CHARITY CARDS – by buying your cards from a charity, you are not spending anymore than you normally would on Christmas cards but the charity is gaining vital funding. Or if you would rather not send Christmas cards why not donate the money that you would have spent on them, this way the charity is getting 100% of the cost of the cards rather than a low percentage of the selling price.

FUNDRAISING – you could do your own fundraising events like mulled wine and mince pie night, Carol singing, Christmas Jumper day at work, dye your hair, grow a beard like Santa etc etc You may feel like a fool but it is for a good cause! if none of these suggestions grab you or you don’t have time to organise anything then again ask your local rescue if they are holding any awareness days that you could help out at by selling raffle tickets on the day or selling their items from a stall.

Everyone deserves a decent Christmas, so why not help, if you can and find the true meaning of Christmas this year and the next?


Your 2 pence is welcome here

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