Playing catch up

Can you ever really catch up with sleep?

Or is it just a vicious cycle that’s never ending?

Since my pain started I have only managed to get a maximum of 2 hours of broken sleep, half an hour, here and there throughout the night. Some days I manage to get an hours sleep in the afternoon depending on my pain levels that day/hour.

But does this hour in the day make any difference or just make me feel more tired when I wake in pain and unable to get back to sleep. I am not entering a deep sleep either at night or during the day the pain seems to wake me just before.

I can fall asleep at any time – whilst eating, reading, talking, typing…….the problem is staying asleep, but does this sleep accumulate in regards to the jobs the body does when your resting? Does lieing awake, but resting during the night allow the body to complete its tasks?

I was always one of those people that didn’t need a lot of sleep and could got to bed at 3am and be up bright and early the next day and when I had my own beauty salon, do a 12 hour shift, mainly massaging which is high exertion for the masseur.

I am not alone in this many people are genetically wired to need less sleep and although sleep deprivation is classed as having less than 7-8 hours over time, many people survive and succeed on much less for example Tom Ford, fashion designer gets 3 hours sleep, Donald Trump 3-4 hours, Martha Stewart less than 4 hours and Barack Obama gets 6 hours sleep each night. Also famous historical figures like NikolaTesla, inventor of tesla coil got only 2 hours, Margaret Thatcher got 4 hours whilst Primeminister and Benjamen Franklin got 5 hours so it is not just a modern problem.

Now I know that getting me getting 2 hours sleep at night is different from Nikola Tesla or Tom Ford as they would have been/are on the go during the day, busy busy, unlike me – sitting in pain unable to do the moving around I need to do let alone what I would like to do. I do try to keep my mind active which uses energy and what movement I do takes so much effort,due to the pain, exhausts me but not anywhere near the amount of energythat I used to use.

The difference in my sleep before the pain and now is that I was always busy doing something before the pain whether it was massaging, paperwork or socialising so by the time I went to bed I fell straight into a deep sleep or very quickly after but now because I am not moving around much it is a very light sleep I go into, maybe if I could get into a deep sleep I wouldn’t be woken with the pain as readily? But is there a trick to force your body into a deep sleep quickly? If there is I haven’t found it and I have tried herbal teas, burning aromatherapy oils, meditation before bed and so on.

Will I be able to carry on with so little disrupted sleep or will my body just give up at some point? I know sleep deprivation is used in torture and it makes you hallucinate and drives you insane but can it kill you or would it be the shock tactics of keeping you awake like the noise, cold showers giving you a heart attack?

I guess all I can do is wait and see and hope for a cure or for it to remedy in any way but for now here’s to another night awake and at least I have my two dogs sleeping next to me to stroke. Although I get so little sleep, there are still not enough hours in the day to get things done, as I need to rest for so long in between movements that I still don’t get everything I want done so I suppose be careful what you wish for as I used to wish I had more time on my hands and now I have all the time in the world just not the capability to use it the way I wished at the time!


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