Christmas – gone to the dogs?

The popularity of buying pets Christmas presents has flourished. You only need to look in the shops to see a range of Christmas items for dogs like advent calendars, Stockings, Christmas dinner dog meals, Christmas costumes etc etc. In fact if it were up to pet stores we would buy more for our pets than we would our human family members. There is something for everyone!

last years advent calendar
last years advent calendar

Personally I love it! But then I don’t have children to buy for on behalf of Santa, and Christmas can be a long day when you are by yourself, so it does make it feel a more joyous day watching the dogs opening their presents and subsequently playing with them afterwards.

Last years presents for Coal & Tess
Last years presents for Coal & Tess
Coal inspecting the pressies
Coal inspecting the pressies

I know a lot of people will be shaking their heads at me for doing this but quite frankly I don’t care! My dogs are both rescues and have done so much throughout the year to help me and I love seeing them excited and happy. I spread their present opening throughout the day as if I let them open them all at once they get confused and don’t know what to play with first so by spreading them out they have time to play with each one!

Tess 'helping' with the present wrapping
Tess ‘helping’ with the present wrapping

To some people they are ‘just’ dogs but to me there is no ‘just’ about it, they are living souls with feelings so why shouldn’t they get a little spoiling from time to time? They are dogs and do dog things, I don’t carry them in a handbag or dress them up daily, they are allowed to be what they are. They do have xmas outfits but only wear them until I have taken the photos or when they were out fundraising with me for a dog charity.

Tess in her Mrs Claws dress
Tess in her Mrs Claws dress
Coal wearing his Santa bandana I made for him
fundraising last year
fundraising last year
Coal & Tess fundraising for homeless staffies
Coal & Tess fundraising for homeless staffies

I have made xmas themed dog treats like candy canes (sugar free), liver & cranberry flapjacks and turkey & stuffing treats, although some of these are for presents for their doggy friends. In fact this year, my neighbours, friends and I are having a doggy secret Santa, which I think is a great idea! There is also an adult and child secret Santa so why should the dogs be left out?

To me my dogs are family, they help me in so many ways both emotionally and physically and show me unconditional love always so they deserve everything they get and more. I love them both so much and would be utterly lost without them, maybe even no longer here as they lift my spirits so much that without them I would be depressed about my situation 24/7, with dogs they don’t allow you to be down. We could all learn a lot from dogs about living in the moment.

The presents my dogs get are things that I don’t buy through the year like the more expensive brain training games, new beds,coats etc although its always the treats and toys that they go to first lol

Coal mastering his brain training toy

And yes mine will be having a Christmas dinner…..

But please spare a thought for all the homeless dogs this Christmas, many of whom will be in their second, third or even fourth Christmas in kennels. I don’t mean rush out and re-home a dog for Christmas as they are not returnable gifts and any reputable rescue/ breeder wouldn’t re-home a dog at this time of year as there are so many ‘ping backs’ and its not fair on the dog, instead hand in some dog food, blankets, towels, treats, toys etc to your local dog shelter or vets or even better phone them to find out what they need at the time or make a £ donation – it doesn’t have to be much but no dog should be in kennels for Christmas in my opinion its just such a horrendous shame that we even need kennels for all the homeless dogs. In an ideal world every dog would have a home but we are far from an ideal world and we can’t save them all, we can only do what we can but if everyone did a little bit to help it would soon all add up. I prefer to help the smaller charities that don’t have an advertising budget but all rescues need help during the year but especially at this time as they have added expenses of heating the kennels, blankets etc

Have a VERY Merry Christmas everyone and don’t forget its Christmas for your dogs too xx


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