Wonderful Winter FlexyFoot

I have been in a relationship with my flexyfoot walking sticks since they became available in January this year and have never looked at another walking stick since!!

Simply because I don’t have to….

With every walking stick I have had prior to my Flexyfoot, I have always been looking for the next one, which isn’t an easy task as there are so many on the market, but very few differ from the next one, so I have been trawling the net consistently for years looking for the perfect walking stick. One that doesn’t hurt my hands, that has a shock absorbing ferrule and that doesn’t stand out a mile as its not the best fashion accessory in the world, which my list of what I need is not asking the world, is it? well it was until the Flexyfoot came along! I could find ones that didn’t hurt my hands OR ones that had shock absorbing properties but never both together!

Now all walking stick manufacturers should know that if you are having to put your full weight via your hand onto a hard plastic handle it is going to hurt your hand, in fact some were so bad that after 1 days usage I couldn’t use the stick the next day as my hand was so bruised so had to revert to a previous stick, which I had stopped using for other reasons or not move around the house! I even bought motorcycle gloves that had gel inserts on the palm just to use the walking sticks but these weren’t practical in the summer cause of the heat they produced but not warm enough for winter either!

Flexyfoot solved all my problems! The Flexyfoot handle is far superior to any I have previously tried as it is moulded into an oval which allows for a rocking motion during use, and is designed to lessen hand, arm and shoulder pain, it has soft grip and helps spread the weight load. They have 2 varieties of walking sticks – folding and telescopic, crutches and hiking poles so something for everyone.

flexyfoot folding stick
flexyfoot folding stick

The Ferrule is just as innovative, not only is it shock absorbing, it has a 360˚ rotation for full support and to reduce wrist twist – you can hold the stick at a 45˚ angle and the full base of the ferrule stays on the floor,

ferrule flat n floor and stick at a 45˚ angle
ferrule flat n floor and stick at a 45˚ angle

which helps greatly to reduce full falls, I still stumble and almost fall but with this walking stick 7/10 falls I don’t hit the floor and on the occasions I do hit the floor the ferrule makes getting up by myself a lot easier, if I haven’t hurt myself on the way down. The ferrule has longer lasting, non marking deep grooved tread, meaning less expense replacing the ferrules but also easier to clean as it is designed to eliminate stones and mud so therefore replacing the need for an indoor stick and a separate outdoor stick. When you do need to change the ferrule it is much easier than other walking sticks as you are only replacing the base of the ferrule as it comes in 2 sections and it just clicks into place. Another benefit of the ferrule is that it is a lot quieter than other sticks so you now don’t hear me before you see me with that constant click from the stick! They have 2 options for the ferrule the standard and the extra, I chose the extra as I am a full weight bearer so these last longer than the standard but I believe the standard will still be longer lasting than the majority of other ferrules. With the ferrule circumference being greater than any other ferrule I have came across it gives greater balance from a larger surface area.

original and ice boot ferrules
original and ice foot ferrules
Diameter difference between original and ice boot ferrules
Diameter difference between original and ice foot ferrules

For these reasons I felt safer coming into the Winter having this extra grip but Flexyfoot have just surpassed themselves to produce the ice foot ferrule which has an even larger surface area but also a cap that comes off to reveal metal spikes at the base of the ferrule for walking in ice, snow and mud to give even better grip! On previous walking sticks I had this universal ice foot that clamped onto the stick and you pushed the arm down for metal spikes at the base of your ferrule which at the time I thought was a great idea but when put into practice discovered it had a few flaws in the design the most worrying being that when it was flipped up beside the stick, not in use the spikes would puncture my legs when they hit the walking stick but also when it was in use the spikes were too tall so I found it actually lost grip and prevented you from full weight bearing on it, it was fine when the snow was deep but when snow is fresh and deep you don’t actually slide on it, it is when it freezes or turns to slush that your more prone to sliding and for ice and slush the spikes were too big so was of no real benefit to me, maybe if I had stayed in the Swiss Alps it would have been of better use but seen as I rarely leave my house I don’t see myself travelling to Switzerland to use it!

Universal spikes fits to stick and flips down over ferrule when needed
cap of ice boot ferrule reveals ice spikes
cap of ice foot ferrule reveals ice spikes

However the Flexyfoot Ice foot has solved both these problems and more as 1. you just remove the cap to use the spikes so the spikes are nowhere near your leg and 2. the spikes are the perfect size to allow full weight bearing in the slush and ice.

Now you might be thinking, if you have read my previous posts, why do I need an ice foot on my walking stick when I have the mobility scooter. Now I love my mobility scooter and won’t hear a word against it as it does everything I need and more but it is not good in snow as the engine is under the foot area so if water gets into it it could stop working or I could get stuck in snow or slide on black ice which in turn hurts my back from the jerking of the slide and your natural reaction of trying to stop it sliding so I feel much safer using 2 sticks in the snow and having someone with me if or when I fall to help me up.

For more info on the Flexyfoot and to buy it click here -http://www.flexyfoot.com/walking-sticks/new-flexyfoot-sticks/

flexyfoot leaflet
flexyfoot leaflet

I would certainly recommend them to anyone whether you need to fully weight bear or not. Thank you Flexyfoot for making my dream walking stick and continuing to create innovative items for the disabled – it has been long overdue!!


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