Why Me?

It’s a question I’m sure many of us have asked ourselves at some point in our lives, I know I certainly have on more than one occasion, in both good and bad times, but it’s always a question that swirls around my head, lingering far longer in the bad times. I think this is because good things are easier to accept.

When my mind poses the question in good things it is Why me? Why was I so lucky to find my 2 wonderful dogs? When its a bad thing like my back pain or mobility problems, my mind keeps asking the question, searching for an answer and proffering several, in the face of the unanswerable – Was I evil in a past life, so deserve this now? Did I do something terrible in this life? Is it down to my star sign?  Was I a weak embryo?   Did I cause similar pain in someone else that I don’t know about?


But really the only real answer to Why Me? is Why Not Me? and when I remember this, I also realise in a way, that I’m glad it happened to me as I wouldn’t wish this continual pain on my worst enemy and that a higher being obviously thought I was strong enough to take it – I may not feel like I can take anymore pain, but I manage! What else can I do?


It’s the things we go through in life, that makes us who we are. In my experience, the people that have had it rough turn out to be the best people and full of compassion and understanding, although as always there will be exceptions to the rule.


At the end of the day, we are all dealt our own cards in life, it’s how you handle/cope with them that really matters and that goes for the good things as well…..



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