A true Virgo

My star sign is Virgo as I was born mid September and although I don’t read a daily/monthly star sign predictions I believe that there is something to them and the traits, well on the most part, I do know a few people who are the opposite to their main traits but do have flashes of them show through from time to time.

The typical personality traits of a Virgo are meticulous, intelligent, practical, analytical, reliable, honest, over critical, fussiness, harsh, fastidious, conservative and judgemental to list the positives and negatives. I am all of these except for harsh, I’m very diplomatic with others although I suppose I am extremely harsh on myself. I would also add empathetic and creative to the list and that about sums me up.


I am a perfectionist and pick up on the tiniest things which doesn’t help with problems derived from my mobility issues, as nothing I do now seems good enough, even if the end product/outcome is the same as I would have done before my mobility problems started because I never managed to do it the same way or in the same time as I would have before this, which doesn’t help my back as when I get stressed the back pain increases and as writing this, I know it sounds silly because I should be MORE proud of myself that I managed to overcome issues to still do the task in hand at all so I suppose that’s where the harsh, fussiness and over criticalness comes in! When I start something I like to know as much as I can about it like when I started growing my own fruit and veg I didn’t stop at a few magazines, I could open a gardening section in a library with the amount of books and ebooks I have on the subject, right down to the biology of plant cells! I don’t do things in half measures, I give them my all. I have always been like this, wanting to do the best that I can in everything I do. I did ballet, gymnastics, figure skating when I was a child up to 16 years old which may be part of what caused my pain in my back as with ballet your back should be straight,in gymnastics it should be curved and in figure skating should be loose so I was pushing my back in opposing extremes, but at the time I thought I was being fit and healthy, they don’t tell you of the problems that can occur in later life from sports.

although a lot of the Virgo traits could worsen my pain some are good for my pain in the way like being meticulous, practical and analytical means I think things through thoroughly so I can think of ways to do something with less movement involved which means I have enough energy to do something else whereas if I just rushed to do something then have to correct or redo it later expending double the energy having to do it twice so I do it correctly the first time then it’s done and I can maybe do something else rather than being in so much pain from doing only one task.

I Hate cleaning up others mess!
I Hate cleaning up others mess!

I’m old fashioned and always had an older head on my shoulders all through childhood, I was the sensible one of my friends that would think things through. I have always been drawn to the Victorian and Tudor eras in history with their manners, politeness, the dresses, chivalry and the way things were done just so.

But does being like this worsen my pain and can you change these seemingly inbuilt traits? I don’t know if you can change them persay, you can adapt them but they are inheritenly what makes you, you. All virgos are different but these traits will still be there.

Virgos live in their heads, analysing everything and I definately do. Which can be both a good thing and a bad thing in relation to my pain. The good as explained above that I do something in the best way to conserve energy, but the bad is that mentally, the pain engulfs me. When I think about the pain I can quickly spiral downwards and it always leads to me thinking of my future or lack thereof which in turn increases the pain. Virgos are very sensitive and take things to heart so are they more likely to suffer? Maybe if I talked about things more rather than the thoughts just circling in my head some of the pain may lessen?

Worth a try…..

I never show how I really feel or I'd be screaming and crying all the time!
I never show how I really feel or I’d be screaming and crying all the time!

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