Something stinks and it’s not just the dog poo!

As a responsible dog owner it is imperative that you clean up after your dog, as not only is it an eyesore and extremely annoying when you step on some but it is dangerous. If a kid was playing near it and fell they could end up with it on their hands then hands go to mouth or worse still it gets in their eyes and blinds them, how could you live with that on your concience?!

What really aggravates me is the amount I see around the place whilst walking my dogs using my scooter and the bane of my life is the amount surrounding the poo bins, it is sheer laziness and if I can manage to pick it up with my bad back then able bodied people have no excuse! My neighbour once told me that the dog warden was patrolling the area and said “just pretend to pick up the poo thats what I do, I just get a piece of paper out my pocket, bend down and pretend to pick it up” I asked him why and he said well my backs like yours so picking it up causes pain, I replied but your bending down anyway and hurting your back by doing so so why not just pick it up? I am still to this day waiting on the reply!

The thing that prompted me to write this post was when out walking the dogs today I realised that every time I pick up a poo and take it to the nearest bin whilst on my scooter, when I reach the bin I am having to get my walking stick out my bag, undo my seatbelt, turn the seat and stand up to reach the bin and even whilst standing they are positioned too high to reach without stretching, so hurting my back. I wish the council/dog warden would take into account that people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters can still and do own dogs, so what is the harm to lower the bins a bit so everyone can reach?

I know that some will be thinking that lowering them is asking for trouble from the youth that get some sort of kick out of setting the bins on fire, but they do this anyway no matter what height the bins are at!


The other thing that really annoys me is that the bins are not emptied enough so are usually overflowing and when they are placed so high it is very difficult to add any more without them falling on top of you – I know nice thought eh?! So a lot of the time I end up bringing the bags of poo home. The bins overflowing draws people’s attention to them and is a prime target for the youth to light when they look like this it’s an open invitation

Overflowing but at least it’s at a decent height for everyone to use

The council also seems to like moving the bins around so when you go to the place it has gone so then you have to search for where it’s been moved to – not great for people with mobility problems like myself! For all these reasons I can understand why people wouldn’t bother as its too much effort!

There are differing styles of bins now that are lower, larger and more robust so less likely to be set alight like this one below which surely would be a longer term investment than the plastic ones we have at the moment?


Also some constituencies give free poo bags through the library, you just go in and ask, whereas other areas you have to buy them, it should be the same accross the board as we are all in the same country governed by the same laws, so how is that fair? Mind you when is anything the government do fair unless it only affects the MPs!

So come on council/dog warden get your acts together instead of going on at us all the time and threatening us with fines that don’t obviously work as they are not implemented and proving that it is your dogs poo must be nigh on impossible unless they check DNA which I very much doubt! Instead of threats, make it easier for dog owners to use the bins. All it takes is to position them lower and empty on a more regular basis so that we don’t have to wade through piles of poo to reach the bin!

Dog ownership is soo glamorous! Haha but worth every second…..


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