Winter Paws

As you may know, I have 2 dogs and the Autumn/Winter season brings about muddy paws and with my back pain it is difficult to clean their paws. I get them to jump onto my shower seat so I don’t have to bend as much but then I have to clean the seat after!

In the Summer I got a new carpet in my livingroom which is cream, I know, I know! But it is extra thick and was too good a deal to pass up, I had wanted slightly darker but hey ho I love it so don’t care what anyone thinks! Before I got the carpet I had just had a wooden floor laid in my hall by my dad, so I no longer had the old carpet to soak up some of the wet on their paws! Lol

New cream carpet
New cream carpet

Cleverly (though not forseen!) I also got fake grass laid in my garden in the Summer, because my lawn was a mess as it had been laid on clay so puddled and it didn’t matter what was done to it, it didn’t improve, so it was fake grass/slabs/gravel/real turf. I ruled out gravel due to it hurting the dogs paws and slabs as they were still hard on their paws plus poo would be harder to pick up (and with slabs you can still see where it was so not nice when your sitting out with your glass of beer on a nice day!) and real turf as due to all the clay underneath (no matter how much was dug out and replaced) it could just happen again in a few years and need replaced and after looking at the new qualities available, that look and feel like real grass – I was impressed! A perfect lawn without the care and mowing. My dad did the mowing but I felt terrible getting him to do it every 2 weeks as it grew so fast, my neighbours could go 6 weeks without mowing and it still wouldn’t have looked like mine after 2 weeks! It was like wild grass with really thick blades. Seemed like the perfect option for the dogs feet, the aesthetics of the garden, I could use my wheelchair on it and I’d be able to leave my garden furniture on it all year, without fear of ruining the grass underneath them. The thought of the dogs muddy paws never entered my head, mind you it was only put down a week before my carpet.  So bonus!

Everyone who comes to my house regularly has their own pair of slippers to wear so the carpet doesn’t get dirty and I have disposable boot protectors for anyone else. So only the dogs get to walk on it, so to save me bending to clean their paws every time they got out to do their business in the garden,  I decided to get one of these ‘magic’ mats that catch the dirt from paws, as although I have only had the carpet a few months, I just got it cleaned, only because my friend was doing a homer for my neighbour so had the cleaning stuff with him and thought it best to get it done before it needs done to keep it right, but was shocked to see how much dirt actually came up so because of the fake grass/no mud I’m hoping this mat should be enough, in the rain anyway not sure about snow! I will still have to clean them both after a walk as they get filthy and with Tess being so baldy underneath it really sticks to her wheras Coal’s hair seems to repel a lot of it as Tess is by far the filthiest and they run about the same. As Tess is so baldy the dirt can dry on her skin and scratch her when drying them off so I use dog wipes to soften the dirt then dry her off all whilst they are on my shower seat, but this is only twice a day – even if I can’t manage to take them the walk, I still dry/clean them off, wouldn’t feel right asking someone to do that as well as walking them plus I know how to do it best as the dogs are used to me doing it. They take the p*** out of others at times! Cheeky little lovelies

Running with their chuck it balls
Running with their chuck it balls
Tess- butter wouldn't melt- wish the mud would!
Tess- butter wouldn’t melt- wish the mud would!
Coal - mucky pup loves to roll!
Coal – mucky pup loves to roll!

So not only did the fake lawn change my garden, it changed me having to bend so much this time of year, the lack of mud and the mat does the job for me!

the other bonus is that I can also use the mat for a training aid for getting them to stand and pause on, in obstacle courses for brain training but I’ll go into that more in a later post

Mat by Pet Rebellion
Mat by Pet Rebellion

2 thoughts on “Winter Paws

  1. They are such happy dogs!! And look like real characters 🙂

    We used to live opposite to someone who had fake grass in their front garden. We just didnt realise it was fake until we saw them out hoovering it with the dyson one day. LOL

    I hear you about the clay! Our garden even has extra drainage but its still a nightmare.

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  2. Oh they are really happy wee characters. I love them to bits and they know it and reciprocate.
    I never thought of hoovering my grass, I’ve been using a leaf blower, as that is the only problem with a fake lawn, the leaves don’t decompose into the ground, but then it is much easier to pick up poo off and hose away anything left over! All my neighbours are jealous and wish they had thought of getting a fake lawn as it is perfect looking all year round, so think there will be a few of my neighbours getting it soon! Im a trend setter lol!
    Clay is a nightmare I have had to basically get my flower borders dug up and replaced with gravel for drainage and topped with a really thick layer of loam to get anything to grow in them!


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