Toy Destroyer Challenge And The Secret To Our Durable Dog Toys

I am always interested in finding new tough toys that are ‘staffy proof’ as staffies are known for their toy destruction as they get so focused!

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How do you find out if your toys are durable? Put them in the toughest dog’s mouths.

Recently, we put two of our natural rubber dog toys to the test with our ‘Toy Destroyer Challenge.’ We reached out to our fans to find the toughest toy destroying dogs out there, and leaned on our partners at Conservation Canines to help us narrow down all of the applications, ultimately selecting the top five.

TDChallengersThe five dogs that were selected were chosen based on their historical ability to tear apart toys quickly. Read about the entire selection process HERE.

Once the top five challengers were selected, each was shipped either a Huckama™ or Turn Up™ toy and given three weeks to play. Our only request from them was to provide us with honest weekly updates, complete with pictures of their experiences with the toys. Our commitment was that we would share…

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