Man with rare pain syndrome seeks relief

I am reblogging this true story to help raise awareness of this terrible illness and just in time for his fundraising event if anyone lives near by and if you don’t but would like to help there is a just caring link in the full story 🙂

Dutch Godshalk

Originally appeared in The Ambler Gazette | September 24, 2014

Justin Brown, 33, lay on a medical cot in the den of his parents’ Fort Washington home.

Around him are stacks of CDs and DVDs, sports memorabilia, childhood photos, balloons, birthday cards, everything he’d like to see and remember; at the foot of the bed, a television set sits high atop a tower of assorted boxes, nearly touching the ceiling, so that Justin can see it without sitting up or even moving his head. The slightest of movements causes him unspeakable, agonizing pain.

Rick Brown, Justin’s father and full-time caregiver, stands over the cot holding two paper cups; he patiently extracts pills from the cups and feeds them to his son. The medication is dilaudid, one of the most powerful narcotics on the market. Justin says he has to take the drug, at most, six times a day, to keep…

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