Fashionista to pyjama princess


I always have, I love mixing and matching and coming up with new looks, I adore high heels, I love the unusual, I love the feeling of looking good, I love nice underwear (even if your wearing jogging bottoms, if you have on nice underwear you feel good), I love taking care of my appearance, I love getting dressed up and doing my hair and make up. Well I used to love all these things and I still do but just can’t act on them as much as I used to. I used to do it daily ( I was a beauty therapist before, specialising in massage – oh the irony! I used to help ease everyone else back problems only to be landed with probably all their back pain together) I didn’t do it for anyone else, I did it because 1. it was part of my job to look good and 2. the main reason that it made me feel good.

subwaylipstick-1024x769 mascara_1212808c

Since becoming disabled I can no longer look after myself the way I did, it takes all my strength to get out of bed now, I don’t know how I managed it before! Even brushing my teeth expels most of my energy so then I have to rest to recuperate enough to do the next thing. Brushing and drying my hair causes so much pain that I now usually allow my hair to dry naturally (which results in curly and  incurably frizzy hair). I used to put on full face make up, in fact in one of my jobs it was in my job description to wear at least 11 items of make up to work so foundation, face powder, eyeliner, 4 x eyeshadows, mascara, blusher, lip liner, lipstick, lipgloss…!! Now on the very rare occasion that I go out for a meal with family all I can manage to muster is enough energy to put on mascara and a cheek & lip tint and even after that I am exhausted!

I still buy fashionable clothes so when I do go out maybe people will see my clothes rather than the offending wheelchair/ walking sticks that don’t exactly work as accessories for my outfit!

Since I go out so rarely and I don’t get dressed if staying in the house as the action of getting dressed/ undressed causes so much pain that it is not worthwhile for me to bother as no-one is going to see me anyway. So I have became a p.j princess.


I have so many pairs of pyjamas, dressing gowns and onesies than I have ever had in my whole life, but my viewpoint is that I still want to feel good whilst wearing pyjamas!


I have many variations like cosy ones, summer ones, baggy ones, ones that look like clothes you would wear out. The only people that see me in my pyjamas are my 2 best friends, my neighbours (if I go out in garden to put something in the outside bin) and the postman when delivering a parcel. I like the pyjamas that look like clothes because then the post man thinks I am dressed. People that don’t know me or anything about my condition must think I am a lazy ….BEEP not getting dressed and probably think that I am a sponger not working and staying in my pyjamas all day.

can I do

Since I am in pyjamas all day I wear a soft bra under them, which I never used to do but then I was putting a bra on every day, which is hard for me to do now, not only getting the bra on but the pain that it causes me throughout the time I’m wearing it as the strap touches my back obviously. I have many different pairs of slippers to match my pyjamas so that I am at least co-ordinated if nothing else! Even though a lot of my pyjamas look like clothes you’d wear out I don’t think I am fooling anyone that I am dressed as I think the birds nest hair is a bit of a giveaway! Just as well I love my jammies!


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