Just 24 hours…..


What I would give to have an hour of no pain but hey we’re in blogging land so let’s think big 24 hours of no pain and what I would do with it.

Since I have been living with chronic pain for only (ha!)  8 1/2 years I’ve not always had these mobility issues and this makes it very difficult as you miss what you used to do, but before my mobility restrictions I took it all for granted as you do, and to think I even used to moan about things that I would give my back teeth to do now like working (God I miss work!), going to the gym or teaching swimming, which obviously I enjoyed or wouldn’t have done it was more moaning about going, once there it was great, but after a long work day, I just wanted to flop, like the majority.. Then of course is all the things I loved doing before the dreaded day my back went – d day the day my old life died while I was mowing the lawn so this is what I would do now if given a pain free 24 hours which was like this


and less this


Well I would choose my pain free 24 hours to take place in the Summer (a good Summer!) and money, everything is unlimited in fact the only thing that is limited is pain – NONE allowed.

First I would jump and down doing jumping jacks and run around, just to check, you know! then I’d roll about on the floor playing with my dogs. It would be amazing not to have to hold a walking stick, it’s like a long unco-ordinated clumsy ugly extra limb, always there reminding everyone that I’m different from them, I’d feel so free without it, I’d feel naked!


I would then pack the car with tents, sleeping bags, clothes, food, beer, dogs and good friends (1 with a guitar!) then drive to any of the beautiful Scottish lochs, seen as its only 24 hours, the closest one which I think might be Loch Voile near Callendar but I might be wrong! Set up a campfire and site, go for a swim in the loch while food is cooking on the campfire, I used to heat up a big flat stone over the fire then move it to edge of fire, put a metal grill on top and cook the food slowly over it made the meat really tender. Then after eating, go gather more firewood and explore round about with the dogs. Tanya my previous dog used to love helping fetch firewood she would drag the biggest branches almost tree trunks back to camp then sit for hours chewing away at them, which made great kindling for the fire! Back to camp sit back, sing along to the guitar and enjoy some great company in a fantastic environment and since I’m only getting 24 hours I wouldn’t go to sleep – I have lasted 8 1/2 years on 2 hours maximum sleep a night so I am blooming sure if I had a pain free 24 hours I wouldn’t be wasting a minute of it sleeping!

Do a bit of hillwalking with the dogs and exploring old ruins.

I would go do a quick workout at the gym to get those muscles pumping again and to get the endorphin rush, then get a deep tissue massage and facial as now it is too painful to get on the seat and too sore to lie for any length of time let alone someone actually touching my back – clothes touching my back are bad enough!

I’d get dressed up and put on high heels, I really miss wearing them, I used to wear them with everything, had at least one pair in every colour, every height, every occasion so I suppose being disabled has cured me of being a shoe -a-holic! In fact the first time I went out for a meal with my family after getting my wheelchair, I wore the only pair of high heels I kept, a beautiful pair of silk Chanel shoes, I had to wear flats to the car then when we arrived at the restaurant, sit in the wheelchair then put them on, thankfully I didn’t have to go to the toilet – didn’t think it through. It made me feel better being seen in public with the wheelchair And was the first time since my back problems started that I could wear high heels and probably been the last  too. Go out dancing and casino.

I would take Sally ice skating as I used to be good at figure skating when I was younger and she’s seen the photos of me in competitions and has always been interested so I would love to take her and show her how to do some jumps and spins

Me after a figure skating competition
Me after a figure skating competition
Dancing on Ice live show
Dancing on Ice live show

And that’s probably nearly the 24 hours up so lastly I would fly to……I dunno….wherever they had an operation that could take away my pain for good, well I did say money was unlimited at the start of this post!

well we can all dream…..


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