Getting geared up for Winter


I know I have already done a post on disability aids but I have just looked out all my Winter aids so I thought I would share them with you all and you never know maybe this post will give you some helpful tips for getting through the Winter.

I hate the cold and this cold damp weather really affects my backs pain levels as I have arthritis in my spine this weather really attacks it, so I have a number of things to keep me warm whilst out ‘walking’ my dogs on my scooter. Something you don’t think about is the windchill you get from being on a scooter or wheelchair and I think because your not moving as much as you would be if walking the cold really gets in your bones. When I was choosing a scooter I opted for the Quingo as not only does it have great suspension and 5 wheels for balancing, they gave me free heated handlebars and that was a real selling point and confirmed my choice of scooter!

As the seat is leather it is cold to sit on in this weather so I got a sheepskin seat cover to keep my back warm.


If it rains then your legs get soaked through whilst sitting on scooter/wheelchair and also when driving you can get the wind going right up your trouser legs, so I invested in what can only be described as a sheepskin lined waterproof sleeping bag


due to it being sheepskin lined, you don’t want to put dirty shoes into it, so I got plastic boot covers to pop over my shoes before zipping up the bag and because it is navy blue, no-one notices it, which is a plus as I hate drawing attention to myself.


I know I have talked about my light up walking stick in another post but when I got it out to use this year, the handle that winds up the lights is not catching so not charging the lights so it is no longer of any use! So I got a new one that has 3 lights on the handle – 1 that faces forward and 2 that face down so lights the ground where your walking. It also has a 3 footed pivoting ferrule base, which means it can stand by itself and gives extra grip when walking It is called Trusty Cane. The wrist loop also has a press stud fastener on it so when the cane is flooded you can wrap the wrist strap around the cane to keep it folded. It takes 3 x AAA batteries.


I also use a body slimming top which is a size bigger than I would need to get the slimming effect, so that it not tight on my back which would hurt, but it gives some support to my back and acts like a thermal vest keeping the heat in on my back and hips, whereas a thermal vest would just keep the heat in and give no support to my back. Not very sexy but no-one sees it, except now I have just told the world! lol


I have just bought a new electric blanket for my bed as well that is the full size of the mattress, flee covered, super boost heat setting and extra warmth at the feet and instead of ties it has a deep fitted skirt like a fitted sheet so is easier for me to put on as I can’t manage the ties, even before the pain started it was difficult to wrestle the mattress up to tie the ties under it, so it is impossible for me to do now!

This last thing has nothing particular to do with Winter but I found it in the box with my Winter things so I will mention it here. It is a lead coupler for the dogs, I have 2 one is like bungee cords and the other is adjustable nylon straps so the dogs have more personal space each.

21gZ0pAxJHL._SX300_ 41IqPsMkZaL._SY300_

These are great especially when in the scooter or wheelchair as then your only having to cope with 1 lead, so I can get both hands on the heated handle bars!

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One thought on “Getting geared up for Winter

  1. It’s lovely to have your regular thoughts on our blog postings particularly because of your circumstances. We have a Dog Guides training centre just around the corner where seeing-eye, hearing-ear, and all manner of other needs are filled. They have an “open house” once a year with dog demos and it is really amazing what some of our “canine buddies” can do. Your perspective is probably unique among our current blog Followers so thanks for Following ………. and enjoy the ride!

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