Sleep – how long can you evade me?

It's a lack of sleep!
It’s a lack of sleep!

I have never had a decent nights sleep since my pain started 8 years ago. I regularly see most of the hours on the clock throughout the night, and am lucky to get 2 hours of broken sleep, as one of my pains wakes me up. I say one of my pains meaning either my back; the most common, or my legs or my feet. My feet problems only occur during the night or when I am lieing down. This is because of my back pain. I can only lie on my back so I remain in the same position all night unable to turn. This has resulted in pain in my heels, the Dr says the step before pressure sores and they  really hurt. I have been given these blow up booties so that the air eliminates the pressure and they are great, until they move or fall off the bed in which case it is too much effort and pain to retrieve them and put back in their original position. So I spend my nights in pain dozing for half an hour here and there.

I have been given both diazepam and then temazepam but very rarely take it because I am on enough addictive drugs for pain, I don’t want to be on anymore, hence why I have had the packet for 2 years. Plus the odd occasion I have taken them they didn’t make a difference I still got woken up with the pain. See I have no problem getting to sleep, well once I have managed to get as comfy as I am going to get anyway. I have even managed to nod off whilst sitting up eating my dinner – my hair was in the steak pie gravy! Attractive, and I wonder why I’m single haha! Not that I’m looking.

It is especially easy to fall asleep when you have 2 dogs cuddled in to you all snuggled up and snoring their heads off, they just transmit that energy to you. If only they could manage to keep me asleep.  If it was a problem if getting to sleep I would be trying all the usual remedies – chamomile tea, no caffeine after 9pm, no tv/computer an hour before bed, listening to soothing music, lavender oil in a burner/on pillow etc

Once woken up with the pain, it is the usual rigmarole of moving slightly and slowly to a new position then coming down from the pain before being able to nod off again. So during this ‘pain come down’ I read my e reader or stroke my dogs.

Surely though this sleep deprivation can only go on so long before you drop, but then I have been having that saying spouted at me for the last 8 years. So if anyone out there has any miraculous cure for staying asleep, PLEASE Enlighten me



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