Disability Design

This morning I had a fall in my bathroom, I had stubbed my little toe badly just before, so was walking differently which when I went to the bathroom resulted in spasms in my back, which caused the fall. Anyway I was unable to get up and it was just me and my dogs in the house. I have Careline installed with the fall detector pendant which is great if I fall within speaking distance of the base station, but if I press the pendant and they can’t hear me talk, they send out everyone – ambulance, doctor, the whole shabang which if I knock myself unconscious is brilliant but for a fall is a bit extreme and would waste a lot of people’s time, time that could be spent helping someone more in need. So I was sitting on the bathroom floor, thinking of this design flaw and how it could be remedied by having a speaker on the pendant or at least 2 buttons for emergency and non emergency so they can determine who to call either neighbours or doctor and it got me thinking of other aids and their visual design. I looked around the bathroom and was surrounded by disability aids – grab rails, shower seat, raised toilet seat. The raised toilet seat has always been a source of embarrassment to me when I have visitors as it is ugly and something my gran/elderly would have, but it is a necessity to me.  I think an interior designer and a designer need to get together and give all the disability aids a complete overhaul to make them blend into a modern house better and not stick out so that it’s the first thing that catches your eye. I mean we’re in 2014 and people of all ages need this equipment! Anyway that’s what I thought about for the hour and a half that I sat there until my friend came and got me up.


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