quiz – dog paws and claws

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1.  True or False? Dog’s paws are webbed.

True – Some sport breeds such as Spaniels and Portuguese Water Dogs have webbed paws to help them swim and catch waterfowl, but not all dog paws are webbed.

2.  The main function of a dog’s paws are to:

A)   Grab and hold.

B)   Swim.

C)   Dig and Scratch.

D)   Run and Jump.

C – The main function of a dog paw is to dig and scratch.  This helps them catch and eat prey.  Most dogs are very good at running and walking, and some field breeds even have “cat like” paws to help them jump in the air; however, they do not have the ability to “hold” their prey like their feline counterparts.

3.  True or False? All dogs have dew claws.

False – Only some dogs have dew claws, and they can be on the front paws, back paws (though…

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