Easy ways to make dog beds

If your dog chews it’s bed, they can be expensive to replace so here are a couple of ideas on how to make them easily.

1. What you need – old duvet, needle & thread or sewing machine there are 2 ways to make a bed from a duvet depending on the bed you would like. The easiest is to cut a rectangle from the duvet and stitch up the sides for a cushion bed or if you would like a bed with sides, measure out a rectangle on the duvet then on three sides of the rectangle mark out flaps about 10″. Hem all the sides, then roll or fold the flaps towards the central rectangle and stitch into place. Then sew the rear corners of the side flaps onto the back flap to make the corners of the bed stand up. I then used an old oversized cardigan (stripey), sewed up the arm holes and placed over and under the duvet to make a cover then sewed Velcro onto the underneath of the duve and the cardigan so it can be removed for washing. For extra comfort I used an old pillow and pillowcase for and internal cushion.

IMG_6103 IMG_0343 IMG_0349 IMG_2067 IMG_0344 IMG_0346

2. Another way to make a bed with sides is to cut a rectangle from a duvet, can be doubled for comfort and hem the edges. Then get an old pair of denims or trousers (denims are better for dogs that like chewing their beds) and stuff with old clothes, stuffing or foam and see the bottom of the legs and the waist of the trousers and place around the duvet rectangle to make the sides and stitch into place. You can then cover the whole bed as above or before stitching the trousers in place cover the duvet rectangle with an old bed sheet or open up a pillowcase and cover then stitch the trousers in place. This is fully machine washable so you don’t need a removable cover on either design.

3. The Sleeping bag bed, this is 2 rectangles of fleece material sewn together back to back the folded in half length ways and stitched up each side so the dogs can sit inside it. I am going to be making these in the next couple of months so I will give you the measurements then.


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