Staffies and kids

throwing the ball
cuddles in between ball throws
Sally giving Coal cuddles
excuse the walking stick in the photo!
close cuddles

This is my friends daughter Sally and as you can see my dogs love her and she loves them. Staffies are the original ‘nanny’ dog and adore kids, whatever age. She has grown up around my dogs and other friends dogs, so knows how to treat them – giving cuddles and playing with them rather than jumping on them and pulling their ears! As soon as Sally arrives the dogs are all over her wanting to lick and play with her. I hate seeing these videos on youtube showing babies jumping up and down on a dog and the parents laughing whilst videoing it! You can see how stressed the dog is by its whale eyes and panting, the child could be in danger if the dog has had enough and snaps, why endanger your child and dog for a 2 minute video for youtube #15minutesoffame – so not worth it!!


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